Credit Card Validator

Credit Card Validator

Validate your Credit Card Online

Credit Card Type Credit Card Number
American Express 371449635398431
Diners Club 30569309025904
Discover 6011111111111117
JCB 3530111333300000
MasterCard 5555555555554444
Visa 4916592289993918

Credit card numbers are generated according to specific rules. This allows merchants to verify the card number's validity before accepting a customer's payment. The calculation to compare the credit card number with your checksum is called the Moon algorithm. You can also save time using the online credit card validator Prepostseo to calculate the checksum.

How do I perform a manual check?

First step:

Enter the last digit of your credit card number. This is the checksum number that you will use to verify the remainder of the credit card number.

Second step:

Enter each digit of the credit card number, starting with the digit to the left of the checksum and moving to the left. If the credit card number consists of 16 digits, double the number of each digit in odd places, working from right to left, before adding it to your list.

In the case of credit cards with 15 digits, they duplicate the digits at points of the same position. If you double the results of digits of a number greater than 10, add the two digits of the new number together and write this result to your list. For example, if the number on the map is seven, duplicating it will result in 14. In total, two digits will be five.

Third step:

Sum up your list of numbers. Don't include the checksum in your total. The credit card has a valid number if the total amount can be divided by 10. Otherwise, it would help if you did not process credit card transactions.

How do I perform online credit card verification?

First step:

Visit to use the online credit card verification service. Explore the verification area that our website provides.

Please note that using our credit card verification tool, you will only receive confirmation that the card number is valid and not the credit on the card.

Second step:

Wait for the verification information of the map verification tool. If the credit card is invalid, inform the customer that they cannot process the transaction.

Importance of Credit Card Verification

It is important to remember that whenever fraudulent cards are used, the merchant loses. The customer of the stolen credit card is not connected, and credit card companies are generally unaffected. However, the merchant usually remains aloof from the product or service provided and the resources needed to detect fraud and deal with the credit card company. And if too many fraudulent transactions occur, you may incur higher processing fees, expensive chargebacks, or even lose your merchant account and your ability to conduct business.

But you can reduce these risks with some automation, and we can help you! Just use our online card verification tool, and our tool will help you fight fraud and maximize your credit card sales.

Credit Card and PIN Security Tips

  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it.
  • Save your card as if it were cash.
  • Remember your PIN code. Never write it down.
  • Be sure to get your card from the vendor or waiter when you use it.
  • Shred receipts that contain the whole account number if you don't need to store them.
  • Review your account statements as soon as you receive them to ensure that all transactions belong to you.
  • Please make a list of your credit card numbers and customer service phone numbers and keep them in a private place. If your wallet or wallet is lost or stolen, it will be easier for you to call and cancel your cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Impif's online credit card verification tool?

Yes! Our validator checks only the primary industry identifier or MII, personal account number, and issuer identification number.

Is there a risk when using an online credit card verification tool?

There is no risk involved, and this service is safe to use. The only trouble is that someone is looking at the screen while using the tool.

We cannot and will not have access to any information you enter on the website, including your credit card number. All payments are made in your browser, so your credit card number remains safe.

If you have a technical bent, you can look behind the scenes and ensure that you are not contacting our server or setting up cookies and that local storage is not being used. If you don't have a technical aptitude, politely ask a friend who does and is sure!

Do we save these credit card numbers?

Not! The credit card number entered in our validator was made using validation rules. However, we do not store these credit cards for security reasons.

General information

How many digits are there in the credit card number?

  • Visa and Visa Electron: 13 or 16
  • Master card: 16
  • Discover: 16
  • American Express: 15
  • Diner's Club: 14 (including enRoute, International, and Blanche)
  • Maestro: 12-19 (multinational debit card)
  • Age: 16 to 19 (Irish Debit Card)
  • Switch: 16, 18 or 19 (UK debit card)
  • Solo: 16, 18 or 19 (UK debit card)
  • JCB: 15 or 16 (Japan Credit Bureau)
  • China Trade Union pays: 16 (People's Republic of China)
American Express 34, 37 YES 15 Luhn
Bankcard 5610, 560221 – 560225 NO 16 Luhn
China T-Union 31 YES 19 Luhn
China UnionPay 62, 81 YES 16 - 19 Luhn
Diners Club enRoute 2014, 2149 NO 15 No
Diners Club International 36 YES 14 - 19 Luhn
300 – 305, 3095, 38 – 39 YES 16 - 19 Luhn
Diners Club United States &
54, 55 YES 16 Luhn
Discover Card 6011, 622126 - 622925,
624000 - 626999,
628200 - 628899, 64, 65
YES 16 - 19 Luhn
UkrCard 6040, 6041 YES 16 Luhn
RuPay 60, 6521, 6522 YES 16 Luhn
InterPayment 636 YES 16 - 19 Luhn
InstaPayment 637 - 639 YES 16 Luhn
JCB 3528 – 3589 YES 16 - 19 Luhn
Laser 6304, 6706, 6771, 6709 NO 16 - 19 Luhn
Maestro (UK) 6759, 676770, 676774 YES 12 - 19 Luhn
Maestro 50, 56 – 69 YES 12 - 19 Luhn
Dankort 5019 YES 16 Luhn
4571 (Visa co-branded) YES 16 Luhn
MIR 2200 – 2204 YES 16 Luhn
NPS Pridnestrovie 6054740 - 6054744 YES 16 Luhn
Mastercard 2221 - 2720 YES 16 Luhn
51 – 55 YES 16 Luhn
Solo 6334, 6767 NO 16, 18, 19 Luhn
Switch 4903, 4905, 4911,
4936, 564182, 633110,
6333, 6759
NO 16, 18, 19 Luhn
Troy 979200 – 979289 YES 16 Luhn
Visa 4 (include partner brands:
Dankort, Electron, etc.)
YES 16 Luhn
UATP 1 YES 15 Luhn
Verve 506099 – 506198,
650002 – 650027
YES 16, 19 Luhn
LankaPay 357111 YES 16 Luhn

The Credit Card Validator tool is not 100% accurate and should not be used as the basis for deciding whether to accept or decline a transaction. However, it can be used as one factor in your overall risk assessment. If you think a transaction might be fraudulent, you should always contact your card issuer or acquirer to confirm the transaction details before taking action.


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