WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector

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You've never been tempted to find out everything about your favorite WordPress site. What WordPress theme is used, what plugins, and what hosting? You don't need to read it if you haven't visited it anymore. If you want to make your site stronger, and you need legal methods to find out everything about someone else's site-read on.

Why analyze the technical condition of someone else's site?

My motivation for analyzing someone else's site is the templates I like and the design of the sites I view.

Despite the huge number of themes in the WordPress repository, finding a theme with a "twist" is difficult. Therefore, when you meet a site you like, you want to know what template it works on.

The same situation applies to the design of the site, in particular with cute and original widgets. I liked the widget on the site, but how to implement it on your site is not clear.

What is a WordPress theme detector?

WordPress Theme Detector or WordPress Theme Finder is a scanner that analyzes the theme based on the site's URL. It can also tell you which WordPress plugins are installed on the site.

How does WordPress Theme Detector work to identify a site theme?

Please enter the address of any site, and our WordPress Theme Detector tool will determine which theme and plugins are installed on the site. The check may take 2-3 minutes.


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