URL Opener

URL Opener

Open a whole list of URLs at once

The service will help you open the list of links (URLs) in a new window. For convenience, you can split links into blocks by 5, 10, 20, 30, and 50. This will help reduce the load on your PC.

The tool is designed for analyzing a large number of pages. For example, changes were made on your site that affected a lot of documents. In order not to check for each URL separately, you can insert a list of URLs in the field and split them into blocks. Next, you will only need to open blocks casually in new tabs. This approach significantly reduces time compared to opening pages one at a time.

What is a URL?

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a system of unified addresses of electronic resources or a uniform determinant of the location of a resource (file).

Opening multiple links - up to 50 or even 100-is a very time-consuming operation that requires powerful machines and can overload your computer.

Instructions for use

To open a large number of links in the browser, you need to:

  • Insert a list of URLs in the main field
  • Select the size of the split blocks
  • Click on the "Open sites" button

After activating the link block, it will highlight it in green. You can delete it by clicking on the cross.


Azahar Ahmed

CEO / Co-Founder

I am Azahar Ahmed, a youthful engineer, vocational trainer, entrepreneur, digital marketer, and motivational speaker hailing from Nagaon, Assam in India.