What Is My Screen Resolution

What Is My Screen Resolution

Determine the screen resolution online

Your Screen Resolution

On this page, you can determine your monitor's screen resolution in pixels. You can do this very simply and quickly online. At the top, you can see your current resolution in px (pixels), which was determined automatically. That is, by and large, you need to go here and get acquainted with the results of instant detection. If you need to find out the resolution of your monitor, our service will help you with this.

How is the resolution determined?

In all modern browsers, some functions allow you to provide the open site with technical information about the client's computer. This is required so that sites can be designed with the individual characteristics of different devices in mind. One of these features is the ability to determine the screen's pixel resolution. To avoid this error, we have also developed a special algorithm that performs a double-resolution check. Thus, the diagnostic information on our website is highly reliable. The testing results on various computers convincingly showed that the probability of an error in the definition is almost zero.

What is the monitor screen resolution?

Screen resolution is the size of the image you see on your monitor, measured in points (pixels). Simply put, the resolution is the density of these points on your screen at a given time. The width and height of the screen measure this density. Accordingly, you can see the results of automatically detecting your screen color. The first digit indicates how many pixels are currently displayed from the left to right border of the display, and the second digit indicates how many pixels are currently displayed from the top to bottom border. You can find out your monitor's current resolution and change it in the operating system settings. The larger it is, the higher the clarity and the greater the number of objects that can be displayed on the monitor simultaneously.

What is the valuable resolution and color resolution?

As you have already noticed, our service also determines two additional parameters: the valuable resolution and the color resolution of your monitor.

A helpful resolution is the screen size in pixels minus the operating system interface elements ( for example, in Windows, there is a blue taskbar at the bottom - this is a prime example of an OS element ). Simply put, a helpful resolution is a part of the screen that is fully available for dynamic use by the user for any purpose.

Color resolution is the number of bits allocated to describe the color of a single pixel. Simply put, it is the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel on the screen. The higher the indicator, the more "colorful" the image on your screen.

About the service

Usually, you need to determine the monitor resolution when we change the OS settings, check whether the software meets system requirements, or just out of curiosity. Previously, you had to download special software to solve this problem, but now you can determine the screen resolution online. The method is straightforward: look at the result written in large numbers at the top.

This page will instantly determine the screen resolution for any device: a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (smartphone). The service is available for free and without registration.


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