Get HTTP Headers

Get HTTP Headers

HTTP headers checking tool

What are HTTP headers?

HTTP headers allow the client and server to transmit additional information along with the request or response. The request header consists of its case-insensitive name, followed by a colon ":," then its value (without line breaks). The leading space before the value is ignored.

A large amount of information can be gathered when checking HTTP headers from a web server. You can often identify server-side software to the exact running version. The HTTP header can obtain cookie strings, web application technologies, and other data.

About the HTTP Headers tool

This online HTTP Header Check allows you to check the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL, and it Works with HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

How does it work?

Just paste any URL in the input box above and click the "Check" button, and you'll get all the HTTP headers from the site.


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