YouTube Tag Generator

YouTube Tag Generator

Generate Correct YouTube Tag for Your Video

Getting a lot of views of your YouTube video is not enough to create a unique, high-quality, catchy video. Understanding how search algorithms rank videos based on user search queries is important. Only the creators can know the exact formula. But the general rules for text search in Google also work in YouTube. Both theory and our practice confirm this.

  1. The main checklist of necessary actions for uploading and optimizing videos looks like this.
  2. Think about which keyword phrase works best for your video.
  3. Include the keyword in the name of the uploaded file.
  4. Include the keyword in the video title.
  5. Create a detailed description using the keyword and related phrases.
  6. Add tags that you would like your video to be found by
  7. If you use annotations, screensavers, and subtitles, add a keyword to them.
  8. Try to trigger the viral effect by sharing your video on all available channels (your own YouTube channel, social networks, email, forums, etc.).

Video tags are especially important. We uploaded the video and added a title and description. But without tags, our optimization score is "0". What does it mean?

You need to add tags because:

  1. Tags help the search engine understand what your video is about.
  2. Tag placement helps you see what positions your video has by keywords.

Please note that we should only fill in the title and description of the video after we have compiled a list of tags we plan to use to move the video.

How to use long-tail keywords for SEO optimization of YouTube videos?

The main difference between keywords with a long tail and short keys of 2-3 words is as follows:

  1. Request Frequency
  2. Level of competition

There is a directly proportional relationship between these parameters. The higher the frequency of requests, the higher the level of competition. Based on this, if you use a keyword with a long tail in the title, description, and tags, you can get the first views of the video very quickly, as you will become the first in the search for a low-competitive query. If you are initially developing your business, this strategy is one of the most effective. You get your first organic views thanks to proper technical optimization and then look for ways to turn your video viral. As a result, step by step, you will be able to bring the video to the TOP for high-frequency and competitive queries.

What does the YouTube Tag Generator do?

Impif's YouTube Tag Generator tool suggests the best Tags for your video based on your initial target keyword. iMpif's advanced technology indexes the most popular trending YouTube videos that mention your keyword and finds the most popular tags used on high-performing videos. Using these tags can then help improve the discoverability of your video.

Enter your target keyword, then choose from a shortlist of trending hashtags.


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