YouTube Tag Extractor

YouTube Tag Extractor

Free YouTube Tag Extractor Tool

YouTube tags are the hidden metatags associated with videos on YouTube. Not all videos have these tags, as it's up to the video publisher to add them when they upload the video.

The Tag Extractor tool is a handy way of extracting and revealing these meta tags associated with any public video. Extracting YouTube Tags can be very insightful in understanding how competitors and high-performing videos use them to boost performance.

Tags are not to be confused with HashTags displayed in the video description and above the video title.

What are YouTube Tags?

The confusing thing about YouTube is there are two types of tags:

  1. Tags: These are the invisible "meta" Tags associated with a video. This is what the Tag Extractor extracts
  2. Hashtags: these are the visible tags shown above a video title. See more information about YouTube HashTags.

Tags are added to a video when it is uploaded on YouTube. Unlike HashTags, they do not have pound (#) signs in front of them, and they can also contain spaces to encompass a string of multiple words. The best practice is to use all lowercase Tags with alpha-numeric characters.

A YouTube video can have up to 500 characters worth of Tags - a lot! The example above shows that the SEOptimer video has 11 Tags. Altogether these Tags only take up 164 characters of the 500 limit, so there's room for many more.

Why Do We Need To Use iMpif YouTube Tag Extractor Tool?

iMpif YouTube Video Tag Extractor is a free tool that allows you to create SEO-optimized keywords and tags for your videos. With hashtags, you can easily create video content.

Now you know that you can create YouTube tags to increase your reach with these tags, but which tool works best to get exactly the result you want? There are many tag generators for YouTube on the market, and the more options there are, the more confusion there is.

Now that we've covered everything you need to know about the YouTube tool, we'd like to simplify your decision. We'll show you how this will simplify your work.

How Do I Tag A YouTube Video Correctly?

You may need technical advice if you don't have a lot of experience publishing videos on YouTube. Let's learn how to add tags to your YouTube Creative Studio page videos.

There is a common misconception that you can't add tags to a video posted on YouTube; this is just a myth. The procedure for adding tags to a YouTube video is simple:

  • Visit the YouTube studio page;
  • Select the video you want to add tags too;
  • Please edit it;
  • Add tags to the video tag section on the Description tab.

If you add tags to a video, you upload:

  • Click "Upload" on the YouTube studio page;
  • Select the file to upload;
  • Download videos from the library;
  • If you want, you can add tags to the last field on the page.

How Do I Use The iMpif YouTube Tag Extractor?

On YouTube, tags are either descriptive or explanatory keywords that help viewers find video content. According to YouTube, tags include video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, which are a vital part of the metadata that are important ranking factors for boosting your videos in YouTube search results.

By tagging your video, you help YouTube discover the topic of your video, match it with similar content, and include it in relevant search queries, making your videos more visible to new people and helping you attract subscribers.

If your revenue directly depends on the growth in the number of views and subscribers, this is especially important for monetized channels. The YouTube tag generator tool is free, and it will help you find ways to maximize your ranking; here are some tips on how to use this tool:

  • Use our free iMpif YoutubeTube Tag Extractor Tool;
  • Copy and paste any YouTube URL into the specified text field and click the "Find Tags" button;
  • You will see a list of tags;
  • According to your requirements, you can download tags. Otherwise, you can copy and paste to the safest place.

Advantages of free YouTube Tag Extractor.

  • Tags that are optimized for SEO;
  • The workload is minimal;
  • Popular tags help you come up with new video ideas;
  • Increase the number of video views;
  • Increase the probability of your videos appearing in the recommended videos list.


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