YouTube Hashtag Generator

YouTube Hashtag Generator

Hashtag Generator for YouTube

YouTube Hashtag Generator helps you to generate Trending Hashtags for your Videos. Do you want to know what hashtags your competitors use in their youtube videos to get them ranked? Then used our YouTube Hashtag Extractor tool to abstract their hashtags quickly.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google. It is also the product of Google.

What are YouTube Hashtags?

Hashtags mostly use in the description of a post, mainly social media posts, to get it linked with the main trending Tags of that Social media, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. It would help if you did something beyond to help users find your videos in the vast ocean of videos on YouTube.

Hashtags on YouTube are used much like how hashtags are used on other social media channels. They are designed to group similar videos around the same topics or themes.

How to add Hashtags on YouTube?

You can add hashtags in two ways in YouTube Videos. Those are:

  1. The most common way to add hashtags to your YouTube videos is by putting the related keywords with the prefix symbol '#' like, '#impif.' There isn't any particular field or method for adding hashtags separately so that you can add them within the text of your YouTube video description. You can add up to 15 hashtags in the description. But carefully choose the first three hashtags as they are the most important tags because YouTube takes them and adds them as clickable links above your video title.
  2. Another way is to put your hashtags in the Title of the Video, which is the less common way to add hashtags in YouTube videos. Use your keywords as hashtags in the title to highlight your main title/heading.

Optimize your YouTube videos for an increase in discoverability

Videos with popular hashtags have a better chance of being found by viewers that follow those hashtags from other videos. The more popular the hashtags you use, the more discoverable your content is.

Add hashtags to show your videos to a larger audience, improve brand awareness and target specific viewers.


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