The Revenant – review

Impif Team January 29, 2018 Views 65

The Raw film of Iñárritu’s a no-frills experience for eyes and ears.

The Mexican film director continues to surprise us with his unconventional films. After his Oscar-overloaded movie Birdman, he chose this time for a film based on the novel The Revenant Michael Punke. The story is quite simple, but Iñárritu knows to make a breathtaking spectacle with the peerless cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. No show in Hollywood, but a film that makes you bouncing afterward

The Revenant

Adventurer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his son are part of a group of trappers in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. These trappers tracking the headwaters of the Missouri River in search of fur, which they sell back to the Company. One day Glass only going to explore, resulting in the much-discussed ‘bear attack scene. His colleagues find him later, more dead than alive. Because the press hunters venturing into dangerous territory and the winter is coming, the expedition pays two colleagues to stay at Glass. Promising to bury Glass once he is deceased. But will keep the two colleagues on this event? Especially Fitzgerald is his wounded colleague increasingly see as a burden. From then ensues is a tale that raw, but also filmed with finesse. Inarritu and Lubezki made the film with natural light and a lot of attention to detail. Add to this an excellent cast (British) actors and you experience this film as you experience in many films.

More than vengeance 
The Revenant was promoted as a revenge movie, but that’s too simple description of this spectacle. Besides revenge, the film on various themes such as intransigence, make life-changing choices, dealing with the past and survive in the crudest sense. Topics which are closely linked and in The Revenant ensure that the film gets under your skin or dulls your stomach. The extreme film experience distinguishes The Revenant from many other films. Another Oscar Inarritu and Lubezki?

The Revenant

overwhelmingly strong
According to many earned Leonard DiCaprio already an Oscar. With his role as Hugh Glass again he has a good chance. Besides all the “leaked stories is clear: DiCaprio gives absolutely everything in this film. But actually, this applies to everyone: from supporting role to lead. The (relatively) unknown actor to the established names. It is a very strong ensemble that overwhelms the viewer in its entirety. Protagonist Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) also has an impressive and dissuasive opponent, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). In putting their individual scenes of their characters DiCaprio and Hardy razor sharp on the map, enjoy their shared scenes your fireworks. Actually, this film has three main actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and … Mother Nature. Her presence is inescapable,

Is The Revenant hype? The film is promoted so that you’re almost afraid to be disappointed. Remember all the hoopla surrounding it and go see that movie. No, go see him. This film is the sum of individual performance that produced a matchless work of art. Undergo the above.