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Statistics show that there are less than 350 drive-ins left in the US. During social distancing, some cities have had impromptu parking lot drive-ins, but there’s still not a consistent option.

  Outdoor holiday inflatable decorations factory are a great way to create that spectacular look outside of your home for the holidays. Don’t let a few strong gusts of winds blow them away. Properly securing your inflatable decorations gives you peace of mind knowing your investment won’t be damaged by bad weather. Here are a few tips to keep those inflatables secured all season long.


  You may think that the location of your inflatables doesn’t matter. However, if you want to avoid chasing after them on windy days, you may want to consider where you place them. If possible, it’s better to place them on flat ground giving them a proper foundation. Another note to keep in mind is to avoid placing them out in the open. Objects that are placed next to walls or trees will tend to receive less of the gusty winds. Doing both of these things will also make it easier as you begin to secure them in the other ways described below.

  Sand and Gravel Bags

  A simple and easy way to hold down any outdoor inflatable is using bags filled with sand or gravel. It is recommended that you use two or three bags to properly secure your decorations. When you fill your bags, make sure you don’t overfill them as they need to fit in the access hole of the inflatable. Once they are filled, tie them tight, making sure none of the sand or gravel will pour out. As you place these into the inflatables, be very careful as you put them through the access hole and onto the base. To keep it secure, spread the bags out evenly.

  Tie Them Down With Twine

  Another fairly simple way to secure your inflatables is to use twine. Simply take the twine and wrap it around the inflatable at about mid-height, and tie the twine around a smooth column surface like a fence post or railing. If your decoration isn’t near a fence or your front porch, we recommend taking wooden stakes and placing them on either side of the inflatable. You now have the object needed to tie the twine around. When wrapping the twine around the inflatable, make sure not to tie it too tightly as it may cause damage. As you tie the twine around your column or wooden stakes, it’s important to do at least one full loop for the security you want.

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