Great World Structures With Green Facades And Vertical Gardens

Great World Structures With Green Facades And Vertical Gardens

Green walls and vertical gardens are slowly making their way up the ladder, becoming more popular by the day. Architects are constantly learning how to make nature a part of their designs and they come up with all sorts of extraordinary ideas and concepts. Some of the projects we’ll show you have already been fulfilled and are currently enjoyed while others are still concepts waiting to become reality. They’re all magnificent and very inspiring and hopefully they’ll give you some ideas regarding your own home or community. Get ready to be mesmerized.To get more news about stainless steel green facade, you can visit official website.

Atlas Hotel Hoian preserves the magical charm of the once peaceful Old Town in Quang Nam, Vietnam. The area received the title of World Heritage Site and this started a chain reaction which transformed the Old Town area into a tourist attraction, causing most of the old houses to be converted into shops and restaurants and some of the buildings to become hotels. The area is known for its beautiful roof gardens and interior courtyards and the Atlas Hotel completes the image with its wonderful balcony gardens. It was a project by Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

There are quite a few plans for building amazing green buildings with majestic gardens. One of them is the Sky Villa project by Penda. It’s the second stage of the Magic Breeze project. The plans are for a series of stacked villa to be built in Hyderabad, India. The villas would have terrace gardens on each level and they’d take the green gardens above tree canopies.

There’s also a plan to build the world’s tallest residential vertical garden. It’s a project developed by Milroy Perera Associates in collaboration with Maga Engineering for the area of Rajagiriya in Sri Lanka. The structure will be a tower of 164 apartments organized on 46 floors and it will have a self-sustaining watering system.


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