How To Choose True Beverage Bottle

At present, most of the Beverage Bottle is PET bottle. What are the advantages of PET bottles?

At present, most of the Beverage Bottle is PET bottle. What are the advantages of PET bottles?

For consumers, PET bottles have obvious advantages over glass bottles. PET bottles are not only sturdy and durable, light in weight, but also more attractive in appearance.


However, for the company's products, the situation is somewhat complicated. Grams of juice and other similar beverages. Although PET provides a good aroma barrier and oxygen barrier, it is not suitable for protecting the quality of oxygen-sensitive beverages stored for a long time. In addition, due to the thin wall of PET bottles, visual changes (such as fading or browning) are more obvious in PET bottles compared to glass bottles.


As far as packaging is concerned, juice manufacturers have many options. Before choosing a beverage, they must have a comprehensive understanding of not only their own beverage but also the different packaging systems. Then, they will be able to make the most appropriate choice. Take a look at our popular series of plastic bottles for juicing: 16 ounces, 12 ounces, 32 ounces and 8 ounces.


Benefits of PET:

  1. Easiest to recycle

PET is the most recycled plastic on the planet. Therefore, almost all recycling sites can accept it with certainty, especially in the recycling life cycle of PET in the United States. Although some products can only be recycled once or twice, PET is unique. The thing is that it can be recycled again and again. In other words, the plastic bottle you are drinking today may be the container you are eating salad in a year! The ability to recycle multiple times has led researchers to label it as a sustainable plastic choice.


  1. PET is lightweight

In terms of its strength, PET is very lightweight, making it the preferred storage method for small businesses and large companies, and it is considered cheaper to transport. Despite its light weight, PET is very durable, strong and almost completely shatterproof, which is very helpful in preventing damage to goods in transit.


  1. No more plastic smell

Avoid the nasty plastic smell. We have all been there to drink our favorite juice or a bottle of water, but the slight chemical smell falls on your tongue instead of the PET bottle or container. The PET bottle does not react to the contents it stores, so it can prevent the plastic particles from slowly degrading and tainting your food or liquid.


PET is used not only to make beverage bottles, but also to produce Plastic Cosmetic Bottles.

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