The characteristics of expanded mesh

The characteristics of expanded mesh

The expanded mesh is a kind of metal hole mesh which can expand the metal material to the original length of two to ten times. It is also called metal stretching net, steel plate stretching net, stretching steel plate net, expanding steel plate net and metal plate net.To get more news about ferrule type cable mesh, you can visit official website.

The characteristics of expanded mesh:

The expanded mesh has excellent durability and corrosion resistance, and now it is generally used in the construction of wall structure, fence block, barrier fence and other areas. The light steel mesh mould is used for the production of roads, railways, civil buildings, water conservancy, etc., as well as the protection of various machinery, electrical appliances, windows and aquaculture. According to the requirements of customers, we can make various special standard products. In this paper, the specific method of expanded meshwork in a practical project is introduced. The tensile test is carried out on the expanded network. After inquiring the test phenomenon and analyzing the test data, the bearing capacity and damage mechanism are studied.


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