The Best Choice For Medical Oxygen Concentrator

The medical oxygen concentrator has two settings for receiving oxygen: pulsed dose and continuous flow.

  Is medical oxygen concentrator good for day and night?

  The medical oxygen concentrator has two settings for receiving oxygen: pulsed dose and continuous flow. The pulsed dose mode is usually used for daytime use because when you inhale, it delivers air through the cannula. The design of the concentrator using pulsed dose technology is also more compact and has longer battery life.

  The continuous flow mode delivers a constant airflow through the pipe. For people who need oxygen during sleep, this model is the best choice.

  Advantages of oxygen concentrator

  For those patients who need oxygen therapy, both portable and home oxygen concentrators have many advantages. Compared with traditional oxygen cylinders, they are much less dangerous. If a traditional oxygen cylinder ruptures or leaks, it may cause or increase the burning rate of fire. On the other hand, oxygen concentrators do not have this danger. Household and portable oxygen concentrators that can "make" their own oxygen have become more popular and widely used than old-fashioned oxygen tanks. Another major benefit is the convenience and enhanced ability to move with oxygen. The portable oxygen concentrator can provide users with the oxygen they need anywhere even on an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ruled that all passengers who need oxygen must be allowed to carry portable oxygen concentrators approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Aircraft with more than 19 seats. Foreign airlines must also allow the use of portable oxygen concentrators on all flights to and from U.S. soil.

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