Can I Use My Battery Charger On Agm Batteries?

Compared with fully charged batteries, AGM and Sealed Gel Battery are naturally more stable and have a much lower discharge rate.

  What is an uncharged battery? In order to keep your battery in its best condition, we provide a variety of battery chargers. But what if you already have a battery charger? Do you need to buy a new battery just because you bought a new battery?

  The fact is that this will depend on many factors, from how the battery is used to the style of the battery and the amount of power required. That being said, there is one rule you should remember: Chargers dedicated to Sealed Maintenance Free Battery cannot be used for VRLA batteries (including gel and AGM batteries).

  The difference between VRLA battery and full battery

  There are two main types of lead-acid batteries: flooded batteries and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (or VRLA batteries). Fully charged batteries use free-flowing liquid electrolytes, while VRLA batteries have stable electrolytes-by suspending them in a gel form (gel batteries) or absorbing them in a glass mat (absorbed glass mat or AGM battery). Therefore, VRLA batteries are sometimes called sealed lead-acid batteries. Although submerged batteries are still commonly used today because of their moderate price and ability to provide a large amount of initial charge, they also require more maintenance, more ventilation, and tend to lose charge faster.

  Compared with fully charged batteries, AGM and Sealed Gel Battery are naturally more stable and have a much lower discharge rate. They also have different requirements from a fully charged battery. A charger configured for a fully charged battery may burn out the VRLA battery and cause its death.

  How to efficiently charge AGM and gel batteries

  VRLA batteries, like AGM and gel batteries, are designed to gradually absorb charge and slowly, and discharge in the same way. This is why they are used less frequently when a high starting current is required (that is, when boarding a ship), and they are more often used for deep cycle use when stable and reliable power is required (such as powering electric wheelchairs).

  Overcharging the AGM battery will shorten the battery life. Many modern chargers allow you to choose whether to charge the AGM battery or the fully charged battery option. However, as mentioned above, if you have VRLA batteries, it is important not to use old chargers specially formulated to meet the needs of wet batteries.

  What about the TRI stream charger?

  The ckle stream charger is very useful when the battery is stored. If the battery is dormant for a long time and there is a high risk of over-discharge, the charger will charge it as needed.

  This is most needed for submerged batteries or wet batteries, which have a higher discharge rate than new VRLA batteries. Our MK battery products have the lowest resting discharge rate in the industry, making trick flow chargers obsolete.


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