How to Choose a Suitable School for Your Child

Enrolling a child in school is not something to be rushed with, it is better to take time to choose the right school for your kid instead of enrollment in a school that only brags about its features.

We all want the best for our child, from the best toys to the best food, best clothes and best education and best education only comes from best school.

But with so many different schools out there and new schools being added to the map over the years, months or even days, with each school having different and multiple facilities, we ought to get confused as to which one is the Ideal Education Point for securing your child’s future.

Only the No 1 School in Jaipur can provide with the top education and that’s what we will be discussing today.

7 things to consider

There can be more than 7, but these are the most basic and a must check in your list before choosing a school for your child.

  1. Distance: - The comfort of your child is of the utmost importance, you should always first look for a school which is closest to your home before considering anything else, this is also considered because of safety requirements as crime against children is growing rapidly.

Plus, if the school is near your locality you can always go to your child if needed.

  1. Fees: - It has been noted that the parents think that the more expensive the school is the better it is, but it is a misconception, but it’s not the parents’ fault the advertisements always show high tech facilities for the fees, but what about other things like the child’s safety, facilities, extracurricular activities conducted and if the school focuses on overall development of the student, but the high fees and the over exaggerated advertisement always blind the parent from seeing other things.

There are public and private schools that comparatively provide better education for an affordable fee, this is also good for you as parents because you don’t want to get crushed under the mountains of multiple loans just for your child’s studies. Why not enroll your child in NCPS Jaipur as it is the most affordable school among all.

  1. Extra activities: - Good schools not only provide good education, but also brighten the students with other skills by conducting co-curricular activities that are fun and educational at the same time, because what a child learns in those 12 years stays in the child’s memories for life.

The school must have the highest standards of excellence, in terms of the teachers, teaching methodology, academic curriculum and moral sciences.

Extra activities such as outdoor games, team sports, arts crafts, hobby ideas, PHE, dance drama classes can mold the child into a better student and overall a better human being, you must personally visit the school and know about this facility before handing over your child to the school.

  1. Teacher to student ratio: - This is a very important point in terms of studies, a teacher is also a human being, a class of 60 students can frustrate even the best educator in the world, so that’s not a suitable scenario if the school you are scouting has 1 teacher for 60 students, but if the class only has up to 20 students the teacher will be able to pay attention to each individual pupil and the environment will also be a relaxed one, which is a good thing for educators and learners alike.

The parents can check if the school is following the industry standard ratio which is 1:35 as a maximum.

  1. Cleanliness: - Imagine that your child comes home from school all dirty clothed and or sick; would you like that to happen to your child? Obviously, it’s a big no and that’s what brings us to this point of cleanliness and hygiene, you must check if the school’s infrastructure itself shines under the sun’s glare or its light exposes more dirt than the actual building.

Things like, whether the toys are safe for use, the teachers are clean and hygienic and know basic life saving techniques and if there is a medical facility in the school or not, if the answer to all these questions is positive, only then you should enroll your child in the school.

  1. Curriculum: - The main part of any school is right education and by right education it doesn’t mean the right subjects, it means if the subjects are right for your child or no other than a subject being right for a child’s age some other things are also considered like the education boards such as SSC, ICSE, CBSE, IB, CIE and RBSE, all of which follow a different curriculum and speaking of education boards, Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School) is the Best RBSE School In Jaipur.

It is your responsibility to get your child counseled on the various curriculums to find out which one will suit your kid. We would also recommend a school that practically teaches the students social, intellectual, emotional and motor skills along with being equipped with latest teaching software and the curriculum liked by your kid.

All these things need to be put into consideration before enrollment.

  1. The amount of discipline: - Discipline is very important in education as well as life, but too much of it is mental torture especially to kids who have just started a new life in school, but then too less discipline will spoil the students.

Only a moderate amount of discipline is required otherwise kids will go into depression, parents must consider if the discipline in the school is adequate for children.