Top 5 Best Racing Video Games to Play with Friends

Top 5 Best Racing Video Games to Play with Friends

The coronavirus all across the world has canceled and stopped so many events. Even the racing lovers’ get disappointed that they had to miss out on all the action of racing cars, motorbikes, or trucks in order to contain this life-threatening disease. However, worry not! Because you can still experience the racing on your finger and let your adrenaline running by playing Online Racing Games.

Therefore, to help you scratch your racing itch, we have listed some of the top 5 best Online Racing Games that you can play with your friends and families in this time of crisis. Moreover, the list is not in some particular order, yet we have picked to keep a miscellany of racing gameplay in mind. Thus, ensure that you try them all to find out which racing games suit you the best. Chino Run

Top 5 Best Online Racing Games to Play with Friends

TrackMania Nations Forever

It is a classic racing game that was first released in 2008, now has crossed the community reach of over 17 million racers so far. In its free version, you can get access to only a few features with the stadium environment. Thus, do try once.

Real Racing 3

This is perhaps the best online racing game probably the 7 years old, but still has the greatest graphics of next-gen racing games. It has reached over 500M downloads and there are so many features like social leaderboard, real-time multiplayer alongside a hub dedicated to Formula 1 champion events. Therefore, if you are a big fan of F1 racing then you really have to give a shot to this game.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

It is definitely the most played racing game in the series featuring both 12-player online play and 4-player split-screen mode. This game is fun and the beautiful courses with unique antigravity mechanics make it a must-have racer game for players.

Road Rush 2

Now, this Road Rush 2 is actually the liftsharers hitting the street and breaking the law, classic mega driver racing game designed by Electronic Arts. Its split-screen mode is really blasting alongside the elements like supercharged motorbikes, cars, outrunning the cops across the US, while battering your friend with kicks, chains, punches, and much more definitely makes it top.

Burnout 3: Takedown

If you love the speed and bursting with high energy, then this racing game is one for you and your friends. There is a crash junction mode that allows up to 8 players to race, shunting other drivers off the road and drifting like a maniac to earn money for upgrades. It is the must-have online racing gameplay in your collection.

These are some of the most played Online Car Racing Games lists so far, which surely help you and your friend spent their quarantine time at its best level. So, go for it and try all to find your best interest now.

Jumpy Car Racing

Racing Stars

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