The Importance of Creativity in Students’ Life

Encouraging creativity in students is really good for students and is beneficial in the future, but that doesn’t mean that the student should stop learning all together, the pupil must learn with creativity and we are the No. 1 School in Jaipur for that, since we encourage our pupils to

We often get bored in class as students because of the same routine of teachers reading from textbooks and the students taking notes; occasionally asking questions, the result: students are put to sleep.

But here at Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public Senior Secondary School), it is the complete opposite as we do our best in creating the most creative classrooms in the country.

Benefits of Creative Classrooms

Learning with enjoyment

Creative classes are the best opportunity for students to engage more in the classroom. Teaching methods such as storytelling and skits remove the pressure of learning from the curriculum.

Students especially children love to have more fun than reading textbooks, that’s why a mix of creativity with curriculum keeps young students involved for longer.

Freedom to express

The conventional teaching techniques bar a student from expressing oneself and that’s why creative methods are being encouraged and implemented more these days.

Methods such as debates, field trips or classroom discussions make room for the students to be expressive and think out of the box.

Development of emotional thinking

Creative expression at an early age develops emotional thought process; the student will think better and make good choices by analyzing the surroundings emotionally rather than making blind decisions.

Creativity in expression of emotions in classrooms leads to increase in confidence levels also, as there are no boundaries while expressing.

Enhancement of thinking capability

Creativity and imagination are two things that always come together; a student who has learned in creative classes will also have enhanced imagination since creative classrooms help the students create a visual image of the subject in their minds.

Teachers promote activities such as open ended questions, team building activities, brainstorming sessions and debates even in busy curriculums to keep the students interested and at the same time benefit their imaginative growth.

 Stress and anxiety are reduced

Adding some creativity in between regular studying can help in stress and anxiety reduction, the activities bring joy to the students relaxing their minds.

Thus a student’s studying capability excellences.

Positively affects problem solving skills

The puzzles that are part of the brainstorming sessions, can add to the problem solving skills in younger students, it can change the way a student solves a problem which can be highly optimistic in future challenges.

How to develop creativity in students

  • Prepare the classroom to conduct activities that allow the students to think creatively in relevant, worthwhile and interesting ways.
  • Value, celebrate and reward the creativity in students.
  • Students need to be taught skills that can enhance their creativity
  • Remove any boundaries and provide the students space and a framework to be creative.