Positive Attributes of a Cancerian

Being a Water sign, Cancerians are highly emotional beings where all their decisions stay on the emotional side and less practical. Crabbiness is moody innature; after all, they are denoted by a Crab for a reason.

Cancerians are moody beings because their ruler is the Moon, and just like this heavenly body has its waxing and waning phases, a Cancer person too has their series of moods.


Here are some characteristics that might help to understand a Cancerian and what kind of personalities these people are. Let’s have a look-


Positive Attributes of a Cancerian


There is one thing to keep in mind that a person isn’t fully defined by just one zodiac sign. His overall horoscope chart plays a significant role, and according to that, a Cancerian would behave. These are some of the basic personality traits, and their amount can differ from a Cancer to another Cancer.




Cancerians are often misunderstood because they find it challenging to communicate their feelings. When they are more hurt than they can handle, they just shut responding in an emotional manner. This behavior might make other people see them as emotionally immature, but they are the ones who are aware of their emotions fully as well as others’. Get Daily panchangam from astropedia


Empathetic Ability


They are the people who are more about empathy. Being a water sign, they are highly intuitive, which means they identify a person with his vibe even before he starts speaking. This ability helps them understand other people and social situations. However, this empathetic nature makes them even more emotional that they might go into their shell when their surroundings become unbearable.




A Cancerian’s heart is where the home is. They are the family people who don’t prefer to live alone. They are nurturing by nature, and so they need someone who they can take care of and pour their love. They are loyal individuals who give high importance to their mate.


Their home is their heaven; it is like the retreat where they charge themselves to survive in the outer world. That is why a Cancer may be seen decorating their home and spending on it to make it cozy enough.


Negative Attributes of a Cancerian


Cancerians, too have some negative aspects; knowing these would help to understand a Cancerian better.


Easily offended


As Cancerians are highly aware of their surroundings, they catch the vibe easily and react accordingly. A Cancerian can get offended quickly than any other sign. The problem is a Cancer doesn’t communicate his feelings, and he rather lets the anger build up until it explodes and ruins everything. The thing is, any small thing can offend a Cancer, and hence it comes difficult to keep them happy all the time.


However, if you are dealing with Cancer, it is best to wait until they come to their natural state.




Cancer might have a kind heart, but once they are hurt, you can say Goodbye. They are very stubborn about forgiving anyone once they have shut the door of their hearts for a person. The other party might not even get an explanation for their mistake. A Cancer’s emotions are complex, and when they are hurt, their emotional state becomes even worse for that person.


Some More Traits of aCancerian


Artistic and Creative


Cancers tend to express themselves using their artistic nature. They may be fond of writing or poetry where they can let their emotions out and share them with others. Sometimes they write when they feel the emotional bulge that they can’t share with anyone.




A Cancer is denoted by a Crab because both get their energies from the Moon. Just like a crab that takes signs from the Moon and adjusts itself for the coming tides, a Cancer takes hints from its surroundings and react accordingly. They come out of their shell and go inside as the need arises.


Soft Creatures


Even a Cancer might not know how easily they can get hurt, but they are the softest creatures in nature, which can be extremely emotional at times. Once they are hurt, their wounds take a long time to heal or maybe forever. This hard healing makes them look like a stone-hearted person because they don’t believe people easily.


These were some of the positive and negative aspects of a Cancerian. To befriend a Cancer, just try to be supportive and understand their emotions. Stay tender with them before you judge for anything. Listen to their side before jumping to conclusions, and you would be maintaining a fairly well relationship with them.

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