Is there enough good jobs for a prosperous life?

Yes, having a good job (or good job) now you can earn a good salary. The difficulty is that all the money usually is spent on daily life. Therefore, in order to become a truly wealthy person, you need to do something else...


I'll start with fresh news. In September 2016, in America, unmanned taxi began to carry the first passengers, that is, the car moves by itself, without a driver.

For us, this means that in the foreseeable future, taxi drivers will disappear, just as the drivers and carriages once disappeared long ago. Following the taxi drivers will disappear lawyers, accountants and many other massive professions now. As they say, they waited - “Robots are injected, not a man!”

Yes, a good profession is able to meet your current needs and allows you to have an apartment, car, cottage, vacation and other joys of life.

But to become a truly wealthy person, in addition to buying an apartment and a car, you need to have time to create your financial condition (capital, investment, wealth - call it what you want).

Therefore, even for the highest (and sought-after) professional in their field, it is important to learn to understand the investments and start building up your personal (family) capital in a timely manner.

How much does it make sense to start investing? For some reason, there is an opinion that you need to start with millions. It's not like that at all. You need to start with the amount that you can save. As you understand, we are talking about those notorious 10%

start investing

As soon as you were able to accumulate 1506–3011 USD, it’s time to start learning how to correctly place them. But even with 75−151 USD, you can safely proceed to the formation of their future capital.

It is not a sum, but in your desire and in the correct choice of the type of investment that is appropriate for your financial situation. If you were able to accumulate 100–200 thousand, then it’s time for you to move to a new level of family finances and meticulously begin to build your capital.

Should we believe the forecasts and recommendations of financial analysts? Making predictions is extremely ungrateful. Because the likelihood of an event is influenced by thousands of various factors.

Recall, for example, weather forecasters - even with super-equipment and space satellites, they cannot say with certainty exactly what kind of weather is waiting for us tonight.

financial analysts

In the same way (and on a large scale) financial analysts are also mistaken. They only suggest whether the value of stocks, oil, currencies will go up or down. But they can not guarantee it to us 100 percent. In addition, very often different analysts express contradictory points of view and forecasts for the same event!

Therefore, the private investor needs to listen carefully to all the analysts read all the recommendations and make their own decision what they do with their savings and investments.

Luckily there are simple (available even novice) the strategy of investment — types of long-term monthly averaging when purchasing the stock indices.