What number brings good luck? Happy and unhappy numbers

We live in the world of digital values. Everything can be represented in the form of numbers arranged in series or in a table. The magic of numbers sometimes makes a person believe in something mystical from the category of what science cannot prove. For example, in happy and unhappy numbe


Even in ancient times, with the advent of various ways of counting, people began to believe that some figures might influence events. But since there was no single humanity (it was first represented by disunited tribes, and then disunited peoples), then the opinions of happy and unhappy numbers were extremely contradictory. This situation has been preserved until now and sometimes it seems rather strange if you do not know what is connected with what and how.

The number 13 is unlucky for many it remains

For example, in the USA and some other countries, you will not see the number 13. It is considered a number that brings different troubles. In the US, in the transport, theaters and other places immediately behind the chair 12 is the 14th. Moreover, nowhere in America is anything denoted by the number 13! If, nevertheless, it is required in mathematics or somewhere else to indicate just such a number, then write "12.999". Here it is already clear that we are talking about the number "13", to which a little bit was not enough.

In Japan, the number 4 is not used because the pronunciation is very similar to a negative word. “Four” in Japanese is “shi,” and the similar word “death” sounds like “si.” People of this country who believe in the magic of numbers try in every way not to pronounce the number 4. At most, they silently show it on their fingers. When you pronounce the number 9, you get a similar situation - the word “pain” is close in sound. As a result, in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is useless to search the fourth and ninth floors in medical institutions. There, immediately after the third table indicates the fifth, and after the eighth - on the tenth floor.

In Russia in the course of all numbers, we will be not afraid

But in China, the "nine" in particular honor. The number there is considered almost sacred since it personifies prosperity and well-being in everything. In this country, retain tickets that have a number of a few nines. Mobile phone numbers in China with nines can be bought only for very big money. By the way, the numbers 7 and 8 are also considered to be prosperous in the Middle Kingdom. If the number is at the beginning, middle or end of the number "789", then the owner of such a number believes that the gods sent him luck, making it clear about this happy number.

It is curious that if in Europe and the USA the number 13 promises any troubles, in China it is treated quite calmly. But on the other hand, number 14 is exactly the same kind of hostility as number 13 has. In China, it is impossible to see the fourteenth floor in high-rise buildings. He simply does not. There, after the thirteenth floor, the fifteenth is immediately in the symbols.

Three sixes are unpopular in a number of countries. None of the drivers want to get behind the wheel of a car with this number. It is believed that the number 666 brings bad luck. This opinion is due to the fact that in religion (in particular, in the Revelations of John the Theologian) this number is directly called the number of the beast. In the US, there are no apartments or rooms in hotels with the number 666 on the doors.

It is believed that the number 666 brings misfortune

In Afghanistan, it is impossible to see anything in the form of two numbers - "39". The people themselves only shrug and say that 39 is a very bad sign for them, and it should be avoided. Linguistic scholars believe that the thing is that 39 in local dialects sounds like a dead cow when pronounced. And since in this very poor country a cow is a whole wealth, any mention of it in a negative form is perceived as a wish for your cow to die.

These are the mathematical and numerological oddities in different parts of the planet ...