How to raise a puppy as a service dogs?

Many of us love dogs, and this is understandable because of the dog — man's best friend. This friend and assistant, and guard your house. In the world, there are a great many breeds of dogs. These decorative poodles, Bichons, Chows, etc. In addition, there are service dogs. These i


People just have such dogs, believing that they will safe the lives and property of the owner, but not everyone understands that this dog is like the weapon that is important to know how to handle. If you do decide that I want to have a puppy that is a breed, then I'll try to give you on this account some of the recommendations.

First of all, you need to learn all the data about the breed that you are interested in, as service dogs have different qualities, among which may be distrust of strangers, guard instinct (and then you will have problems, if your house is often different people), guarding instinct (and greet people at the dog you will not hand).

The hardest thing with dogs, which (in virtue of belonging to the breed, not education) tend to destroy any living creature smaller growth or status.

It is very important the following rule: if you don't have enough experience in the education of such dogs in your home should not be little kids!

In addition, you don't have to plan children in the near future. Unfortunately, in our country, it is a widespread belief that even the most ferocious dog will not hurt the baby since it was formed in the days when dangerous dogs we have imported. But the statistics of incidents in recent years refute this misconception.

Education service dogs are incompatible with children in the house

Before you buy that puppy, I recommend you to learn more about his parents. If he had the kind of aggressive individuals as maternal and paternal. Better, of course, to participate in search of a quiet animal, and to choose a puppy from such parents.

So, go ahead. You have found calm parents of your future puppy, and then came the moment when you bring this charming treasure home. The puppy is so beautiful that you devote him all my time, you are constantly playing with him, take him with you to sleep, forgive him all the mischief. Your heart is overflowing with love for this charming creature. And it will be your biggest mistake!

Definitely loving the dog needs, but do not the puppy to settle, no matter how much you love him this dog must be very strictly brought up. It is very important not to let the puppy feel the rightful owner of the house, to show that he is stronger than you. This will lead to disaster.

The dog must respect its owner, love him and be afraid, be aware that the owner is much stronger than her. From early childhood, when teaching a dog, you should teach her to calmly relate to your appearance at the moment when she eats, and the dog should allow you at any moment to take any object and food from her mouth she is solemnly welcome and not taken away, and also to allocate a place where she can feel in her personal territory).

Dog school is mandatory

A service dog is necessary to drive to a special dog school, where an experienced dog handler will teach her any commands and will give you advice on how better puppy to raise. Then you will be able to participate with your dog where your pet will receive medals for their achievements.

I would also like to say a little about feeding dogs.

Remember: no sweets dogs should not be given, for dogs, they are very bad!

Though every dog and loves sweets, do not indulge her, as if she didn't ask for it. During training, dogs are usually rewarded with a treat. Better if it's cheese slices. Once you have completed your team, you encourage a slice of cheese. After some time, the dog will begin to execute commands, not needing encouragement.

Strictly forbidden to feed the dog food from your table.

It must be equipped with a special feeder on the stand at the height of a dog's body to properly formed posture.

The muzzle must

Dog trainers and vets recommend feeding your dog special dog food and meat. The dog should not overfeed, you need to follow the recommended frequency of feeding for adult dogs is 2 times a day, while pure water the dog should be constantly.

And now a little about safety.

During walks, your dog must be fastened to a leash. In addition, many recommend the dog wear a muzzle, especially if you have to go on a crowded street.

Once again, some kinds of rocks can be unpredictable. Without a muzzle, the dog can grab any passerby or another dog. And to separate them is very difficult. In addition, some breeds have "a stranglehold".


Don't assume that if the home is your dog's gentle and kind to family members, this means that it will be nice to everyone. You can't know in advance. Don't forget that there are people who are afraid of panic dogs and frightening their children. Educate them not worth it to begin with, to let your dog walk where it frightened these people, and the children can get psychologically traumatized if the dog tries to play with them.

Here are a few recommendations that I hope will help you in raising a puppy loyal and faithful friend, a reliable guard and not dangerous to others and yourself.