How to build ancient structures?

How and who built Egypt's pyramids? A question that until now scientists can not give a clear answer. It is assumed that the construction of the pyramids were themselves Egyptians, using the labor of thousands of slaves.


We will not go into mathematical calculations in terms of the number of slaves, although such calculations were carried out and showed that with the then existing technologies, the Pharaohs would not have enough of the entire population of the planet! But this statement can be questioned, given that the pyramids were built not one year, but many decades.

Let us leave this riddle of the planet to mathematicians. Pay attention to the other. Namely, the fact that in those distant times mankind had access to tools only made of copper, which very quickly wore out. Meanwhile, the blocks for the pyramids, blanks for sculptures - completely made of very hard materials. And against this background, we are confronted with facts that have “driven” with explanations to science at a complete dead end. For this reason, Egyptian scholars ignore the question of what technology did the Egyptians have in building the pyramids?

Meanwhile, any geologist or stone processing specialist, returning from a journey to the pyramids, begins to scratch his head puzzled, trying to find in the special literature or on the Internet at least some explanation of the riddle. However, closer to the facts. And they, as they say, are very stubborn things. Here is just a short (but far from complete!) List of secrets that current science cannot explain.

The sarcophagus Mach, holder of land of the temple of Amun, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, XVI

Many sarcophagi for the pharaohs are made of carefully polished granite with absolutely smooth cavities for the burial chambers and lids. These parts themselves weigh several tons. The question is, with what tools did the ancient Egyptians, who had only copper chisels and hammers, manage to “grind” the strongest granite, which is now cut only with the use of diamond saws and processed on machines with laser technology? Do not forget that we are talking about the III millennium BC!

Other materials used by the Egyptians are diorite and quartzite. They are also very durable. In order, for example, to break away a piece of diorite, today's geologists use explosives, about which in ancient Egypt, of course, absolutely could not know anything.

The “pupils” of rock crystal, inserted into some Egyptian sculptures, are also a complete dead end. The crystal is perfectly turned and polished. It even subtly transfers the retina of the eyes! The question of backfilling: how, without having speed lathes with numerical control, the ancient Egyptians managed to “grind” crystal so perfectly with primitive copper tools? After all, even then there was not even a simple file!

Most of the stone blocks under the foundations of temples that were grandiose in scale (weighing blocks up to a thousand tons each!) “Broke out” of rocks. More precisely, they "sawed out." Without the help of the most powerful modern milling cutters, it was impossible in those days to produce copper choppers! However, some partially “sawn”, but not installed, blocks are there now. They put in complete bewilderment for their gigantic size of tourists and incredibly smooth walls in the channels of "cuts".


There is an idea that someone helped the Egyptians, possessing technologies that even now seem fantastic to us by some parameters. It is extremely unlikely that the ancient people themselves possessed such technologies, and then for some unknown reason, everyone suddenly forgot.

But maybe ... aliens? This question causes a smile. Indeed, everything incomprehensible is easy to write off as aliens. But here's a nuance: Mars also found ... pyramids, very similar to the Egyptian ones! Photos are taken from the orbit of the Red Planet and not very clear. But ufology believes that there are exactly the pyramids. Objects perceived as pyramids are even located exactly as the largest pyramids in Egypt! Those and others are well oriented to the poles of their planets. It is difficult to imagine that this happens spontaneously, without the intervention of the mind.