How to raise your pet?

In India, almost every home has pets: cats, dogs and more exotic animals. All of them are original with their habits and habits. The Internet is full of videos with the eccentricities of these cute creatures!


Sometimes the owners love them so much that they are allowed to do little pranks: eat from the table or sleep on a soft sofa. Over the years, pets become family members.

It is known, for example, that the poet Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov had a beloved dog, a black pointer, named Kado. So he was present in the dining room at lunchtime, he ate from the hands of the owner, even one man was constantly courting him. Also, the dog was allowed to freely walk around the rooms and lie on expensive couches. And when the dog was accidentally shot during a hunt, the saddened Nekrasov ordered in his garden to put a memorial plate with the dates of birth and death, the breed and the nickname of the dog.

Each owner considers his four-legged friend the best. So I would like to tell you about our cat Vaska. He is already 9 years old. His color is very original - pale-red, turning into a snow-white color on the paws and chest, and the tip of the tail is almost always folded in a semiring. We took him a two-month kitten from the village. At first, I didn’t like him: incredibly tiny, lop-eared, but very modest. I didn’t wake us up at night, I only slept in the room, I was embarrassed to enter the hall.


After a couple of months, having become accustomed, he flew around the house like a rocket. Curtains, sofas and carpets on the walls were used. And Vaska’s favorite entertainment was ambush behind the chair with a sharp pop-up and grabbing of the host heels. We had to walk with caution, trying to guess from which corner a small biting imp would jump out this time. The guests were especially bad because they didn’t suspect anything.

Years passed, the cat grew up and became a tender purr. At first, nothing unusual was noticed. But one summer Vaska disappeared for several days. Then he returned, but with an appetite, having emptied his bowl, he disappeared again. And suddenly, looking out the window, I saw an amazing picture. My Vassenka walks on the grass, and behind him, slowly, waddle around two very tiny kittens that barely opened their eyes.

For me, it was a complete surprise. How can a cat take care of the offspring of its “beloved” neighbor Muska? This is incredible! After all, cats hide cubs, because cats can even eat them, exterminate them.

From that day I often found my Basil in the bushes with "children." He played with them, guarded against other cats. He even had his voice changed, he was pawing like a cat, calling for his "children." A happy mother lying not far from them on the sand. It was just an idyll of family life.


When the kittens grew up, they began to visit the father-cat. Sometimes they even modestly came to our house, then Vaska gently took one of them by the collar, like a mother, and carried them to the place, and the other tomboy ran after. It was very pleasant and interesting to look at the care of a cat about its posterity.

Since then, our Vaska gets along well with kittens. Even if a newborn baby cries on TV, he becomes agitated, walks through the rooms and mews mournfully.

It is surprising that even cats show concern for the offspring. But people do not always participate in the education of their children. Most often this sin dad. Or maybe sometimes we should take an example from animals because they have a lot to learn!