How to get your own coffee crop at home?

The real connoisseurs of this invigorating aromatic drink will not prefer purchased instant coffee in bags to the ground and cooked on their own at home. Experts say that really delicious coffee is obtained from the beans, which are roasted and ground in a hand mill just before making the


And to taste the coffee obtained from the grains grown at home is a real exotic and pleasure for any coffee lover. In addition, to acquire a coffee tree in our time is not so difficult. One houseplant gives about half a kilo of fragrant grains.

There are more than fifty types of coffee, and a good half of them are the source of obtaining grains for their favorite drink. As a pet, who settled on the windowsill, only Arabian coffee is suitable.

In the greenhouse conditions, the tree grows very high, and in a residential area, its height is no more than one and a half meters. The plant blooms twice a year in spring and summer. The dried berries look like cherries, their flesh is sweet and edible. Inside the berries, you can find two light green fruit.

For a coffee tree, it is advisable to choose a windowsill on the south side of the house, since the plant will need a lot of light to grow. With poor lighting, it will not grow and bear fruit. In the summer, it is desirable to avoid contact with its leaves in direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should be about 20 ºС.

The coffee tree is very capricious, does not tolerate when it is moved from place to place. If you regularly rotate the plant, get a beautifully formed crown, but in this case, it will not bear fruit.

coffee tree

Water the coffee tree should be regularly, in the hot summertime watering should be abundant. For irrigation, use separated water, a few degrees warmer than room water. Be sure to maintain a weak acidity of the soil by adding a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice to the water for irrigation at least once every three to four weeks.

Pamper your tree several times a month, arranging a warm shower for him (it is highly undesirable to do this at the time of flowering) In the warm season, the coffee tree should be fertilized with a mullein extract (1:10) and mineral fertilizers. When the tree is in bloom, use more nitrogen fertilizers, when fruits are tied - more phosphorus, and in the fall - potassium.

coffee plant

You can replant a plant no more than once every few years. This should be done in the spring, choosing a capacity of 3 centimeters larger in diameter than the one that was previously. The tree has a very developed root system, the capacity for planting should be deep enough. Choose to plant a clay soil rich in phosphorus and organic matter. In addition, it must be waterproof and breathable.

Plant a coffee tree can be seeds and cuttings. A plant grown from seed will begin to produce fruit in three years.

For seeds, coffee berries are removed only when they are fully ripe. They should be cleaned, washed and held in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for about thirty minutes.

For growing plants, you can use only fresh seeds. When planting, it is not necessary to deepen the grains, they should be laid in the soil with the flat side, then pour with warm water and cover with film. Shoots seem about five weeks later.

The age of Arabian coffee is short. Eight years later, it will lose its decorative effect and the branches will become bare.


Coffee made from self-grown grains will bring special pleasure to every lover of this aromatic drink.

Select ripe berries for a drink and remove coffee beans from them. Thoroughly clean them of mucus by soaking in water for a day. After that, the grains can be dried in the oven, holding them there for several hours at a temperature of 80º C. This will give them a rich taste. Immediately before making coffee, roast the beans in a frying pan until dark brown.

After these procedures, you can finally grind them and make your favorite drink. Enjoy!