Life Is Beautiful Movie Review - Why You Should Watch It

Here we are going to share a review about movie Life is Beautiful that is a blockbuster movie with top rating at imdb.

The original title of the movie was in the Italian language” La Vita e Bella” later, it was translated into the English language “Life is beautiful”. Life is beautiful is realistic and persuade movie that you should watch. You will find real-life hurdles, infatuation, adore audacity, detestation and struggle in this movie.

Basically, this is an emblematic movie. When a symbol is displayed, people always react to it and resemble it with authentic life. Alright, the entire world is the imitation of a simulation. But when we find the sacrifice and audacity then we realize the darkness in the heart of human beings. Through, the characters of the movie, we have been given a soundless memorandum. If we will follow the same impediments what will our reaction? Life is beautiful and enjoyable, yet the final destination is bereavement.  

According to a UK dissertation writer, in this movie, Saussure’s theory has been portrayed through the character of Guido who struggles to save his son from harshness and the unbreakable veracity of life. Through, the main theme of the movie is love and life, yet the original savor is veracity and its harshness.  Some people imagine that Guido has created a fabricated globe to describe his own story. 

The life is beautiful movie is directed by Roberto Benign and it has consisted of two parts. The first part depicts life before the holocaust and the second part depicts life during it.  This movie is quite contentious due to its comic slant. Most people think that this movie shows the misrepresentation of the attentiveness group but I don’t think so. I think this movie shows realism and gives us a lesson on how to overcome the realities of life and get triumph.

Life is beautiful is the most successful movie and it has made $48.7 million in Italy. It has gained success in the rest of the world due to the highest-grossing foreign-language movie. This movie is also incredibly famous and it was nominated for 7 academy awards. It has won the award of best picture and best director. Consequently, it has won three big awards, best foreign award, best music original dramatic sore and best actors’ awards.

Life is beautiful is a poignant movie that depicts the circumstances of the Jewish families. It shows how Jewish families spend his life before the Holocaust and what difficulties they face during the Holocaust’s life. The main theme and lesson of this movie is life. This movie depicts almost every aspect of human being life. The first half of the movie is romantic and we see the enjoyable life of Dora and Guido. Actually, the first part of the movie shows our feelings and immature life. We can divide it into undeveloped and mature life.  For example, before the marriage, we don’t know what the practical life is and how to cope up with difficult life. But when we got in practical life then we realize that life is very difficult and we have to bear almost at every point.

Another example, I would like to add its childhood life and young life. In the early life that is called childhood life. We don’t face any obscurity. Our parents try to fulfill all our dreams as well as ambitions at every cost. In childhood, we don’t know the complicatedness, sorrows, and wretchedness of life. On the other side, at a young age, we consider the real meaning of life. We face harsh realities, impenetrability, cruelties, injustices and social imbalance of life.

Same, reality is depicted through the characters of Guido and Dora. Instead of that, we can learn what power of love is. For example, when Dora escapes from her engagement party in order to marry with Guido then we see that we have to sacrifice in life. We have to bear and we have to understand the power of love. I would like to suggest that narrow-minded people must watch this movie. They will realize the management of humor, tragedy and fantasy. Life of beautiful has gained positive reviews due to its powerful story. The holocaust depicts the ultimate context and highlights the deep dimension. Life is beautiful will affect on your mind and convert toward positivity. You should watch this movie to know sad tragedy, amazing fantasy and wonderful fable plenty.


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