How to understand a cat?

Of course, the cat can do without a man. She depends on him far less than a dog. But it may not be fewer dogs to love you if you are going to love her. We never know what the cats feel, but by studying their behavior, we can accurately to predict and even to explain.


In general, these animals are very emotional. Cats suffer from loneliness, boredom, fear or stress. The latter is expressed in different ways: from the endless licking to the departure of need in the wrong place. Many of the behavioral problems are caused precisely by this subtle sensitivity, and in order to solve them, one must learn to look at the world through the eyes of a cat.

Eyes. The animal's wide pupils are fear, less often - a strong surprise. It should not be perceived as an encroachment on your right to be the main rounded eyes of the cat. She is terribly frightened, it is better to leave her alone.

But a narrow strip of pupils talking about concealed aggression. The brazen cat it is better to flip to the back, lock the feet to make it impossible to move and to look in the eye before she'll take a look.

"Hide and seek" cat certificate of tranquility and peacefulness. If the ears are laid back, then the cat is something you beg for. The game in "peepers" in cats is a serious test of leadership: who was the first to avert my eyes, he lost. If, after meeting with your eyes, your cat blinks or looks away to the side, so he does not pretend to the title of chief.

Tail pipe demonstrates self-confidence and pride

The tail in cats, as the eye is the mirror of the soul. Tail "pipe" means a demonstration of arrogance and pride. The relaxed tip of the tail (tail hook) means the excitement, the anticipation of trick or treat games. Slow strokes of the tail talking about the irritation and twitching tense tail a warning.

Grooming the constant licking shows that the cat is in distress. Some animals are so suffering from a nervous atmosphere around the situation that tinder itself, the language and legs and non-healing wounds. Such must necessarily show the vet. Less diligent cats can be offered Catnip. It is sold in pet stores in the form of dry grass, which is easy to spread out with toys your cat. Just don't let cats Valerian, if you don't want your friend became an alcoholic.

Spin the wheel in cats happens during stretching, after a NAP or a delicious lunch. But if her fur bristling, ears laid back and she has a tail, it indicates anger or irritation: she decided to attack or escape. Before the attack, the cat, even more, presses ears to the head, and a moustache down.

cat touching meat

Pulling his paw forward, cats are asked to notice, played, fed. Stroking human foot, especially on the face and head a sign of affection and tenderness. The same manifestation of love the massage master's feet.

The cat, who began to adopt human habits, absolutely satisfied with life and their owners. He's happy with you.

sitting cat

Evening and night waking is completely normal for our night hunters: at this time, they have a peak of activity, they need to spend energy. Therefore it is better to actively play with your cat before bedtime, then she might not disturb you at night. It is important before the evening "races" to clean the cat's litter box.The cat's intestines work better at night, and such cleaners will not go to a dirty toilet.

Cats are responsive and appreciative animals. The cat will love you if you want it: just need to love this four-legged miracle.