How to help your child to do study well at school?

All parents dream that their child will study for fours and fives because success in school matters is a guarantee that in the future he will become a good specialist, find a well-paying job and be successful with others. But not all moms and dads help him overcome difficulties in learning


If you want your child to graduate from school as “excellent,” help him with this! But school aid should not be reduced to paying for tutors, buying homework already done and searching the Internet for a finished report.

Parents are people who play an important role in the development of the cognitive activity of any schoolchild. No one will help with difficulties in school, like mom and dad. Here are some helpful tips and advice on how to help your child learn.

Talk more with your child

Talk more

Our speech is the basis of everything. The ability to correctly formulate your thoughts, express your point of view and defend it, draw attention to yourself with the logic of presentation of the material - all these are important skills that, if developed from an early age, will be useful in any sphere of life activity.

When communicating with children under ten years of age, more often ask about what happened during the day in kindergarten, school; what he liked in the cartoon that he recently watched, etc. With older children, it is necessary to touch feelings, experiences and experiences in conversations. Let the child more often express his opinion about those around him, analyze the events occurring not only at school and at home but also beyond them: in the city, in the country, in the world.

Enrich vocabulary and broadens the mind of the student

If your child ever has any questions, you should not dismiss it, saying that you have no time. Remember, you do not need to know the answers to all the questions. If your child asks: "is it true that the Tasmanian devil really exist?", answer: "let's look in the encyclopedia!". A lot of time that you will not take, whereas for a child it will be a great opportunity to learn how to use reference books to enhance their knowledge that would be beneficial for the school.

Enrich your vocabulary and broaden your student's outlook

It is necessary from an early age to accustom the child to use libraries. This is especially important at the present stage when almost every house has a computer connected to the Internet. The world wide web makes it easy to find the right material. And we need to help the child digging in the manuals and books, made them on the basis of your report or essay, highlighting the main. When he learns to seek answers to their questions in encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks, it will not only expand your horizons, but there will be more to read, enrich their vocabulary. And it is a direct way to increase performance!

Read along with the child literature, fiction, poems, sing songs, even if it is older than seven years. Only parents can teach a child to see this beauty. Discuss with them read. Let him retell the plot to you, draw an illustration for the episode you like most, learn by heart and recite poems of your favourite poet.

Often buy Newspapers and magazines. If your child is still in elementary school, read a news article and explain to him what is written. Perhaps, much is unclear. However, interest in world events is an important factor in successful learning and it is necessary to accustom the child to follow the news.

Often inquire about school matters

The more you know about what is happening in school, about what students do on a particular subject your child to cope with the program, do good in this class, the teacher, the more you will have opportunities to increase the level of his knowledge. Find out homework assignments, check the correctness and timeliness of their implementation by the child.

But don't be a jailer, a tyrant! Be with the child in trusting, warm relationships. Help with a difficult task or preparing the abstract. If you are going to support, not reproach bad grade, it will aim to raise the level of their knowledge.

Don't scold for "deuces"! Quarrel to anything good will not. Better talk to the child, find out he got a bad mark, review with him the situation and find ways to solve problems. It is important to explain that nasty mark can easily increase and turn into "excellent", it is necessary to make efforts.

Learn more about schooling

Properly allocate a working space of the student

Notice how well-lit Desk, if it's for homework, how often do ventilated room, not loud on the TV in the living room... to Properly distribute the time to do homework, for recreation, active play, walking.

If you see that the child is tired, let it rest, do not download things. A tired head is not able to remember the information, and how would you not swear as I had not followed the homework, a tired baby anyway, the next day will bring "two" or "three". Remember that any person needs to rest, but the child!

Proper nutrition is the key to successful learning

Modern research has shown that the brain is one of those organs which poor eating habits is the first to suffer. Therefore, if your child is irritable, gets tired quickly, bad teaching material, began to get lower grades in school, look at what he eats.

In most cases, these symptoms occur due to malnutrition. A significant place in our diet is fats and carbohydrates, and modern children and teenagers are crazy about fast food and all that unhealthy. You must limit the intake of your child fizzy drinks, crisps, hamburgers and other foods of this kind.

successful learning

The most important group of vitamins for the brain is vitamin B. the b Vitamins are responsible for memory, attention and learning ability. To improve memory requires that the child's diet included the following foods like nuts, milk, fish, chicken, meat, liver, buckwheat, fresh vegetables and fruits. If any of the products children seems tasteless, force is not forced. Try to approach this issue creatively: beautifully decorate the dish, look for new recipes where this product can be fed into the favourable and delicious light. Grow yourself, and your child will develop together with you!

And remember: loving, caring and wise parents ensure that the child will not only learn but grow thoughtful, educated person, a real Person! So take your time, not to alienate the child if he came to you with a question or wants to talk. Watch out for his health and encourage him or her to success. Be a child-friendly. You will succeed, is wanted!