What color to light a candle to improve your life?

Will there be a person in the world who does not want to get rich, find happiness in love? I think no. It turns out that you can help yourself achieve what you want by referring to the so-called "candle" magic.

The biological energy therapeutist argues that lighting a candle the colour you want, we attract into your life good luck, love, money. The magic item such as a candle is widely used in different rituals, whose purpose is to achieve success in business, wealth creation, happiness and love.

In order to help yourself improve your life, it is not necessary to be a witch or a psychic. You just have the minimal knowledge of home magic, and a great desire to achieve his goal, to bring to reality the dream of happiness.

To perform the ritual on a dream come true you need a candle of the desired colour and a bit of free time before bed.

Every night before you go to bed, light a candle, and looking at how it burns, visualize your dreams. Think positive, imagine how you will get what you want.

When choosing the colour of the candle, focus on your desires.

The red candle is taken to the magical actions aimed at increasing vitality, self-confidence, activity. Rituals with red candles will help improve female attractiveness and sexuality and find love.

The pink candle will solve the problems in your personal life, and the yellow will wake up the fantasy

A candle of pink colour you will need to eliminate problems in personal relationships with the opposite sex. It will help to attract romantic feelings into your life.

A yellow candle is used to attract creative inspiration to your life, to awaken fantasy.

If you dream about career growth if you are interested in the question of "how to become rich?", You will need a candle of brown colour.

To achieve the state of inner harmony, you will need a blue candle. Light it also when you feel a lack of wisdom and discretion. It will help clarify your thoughts.

How to become rich and achieve career highs? How to gain strength and self-confidence for promotion? A ritual with a green candle will help you!

Take a black candle for the ritual recommended by home magic in case of health problems and suspicion of an energy attack committed by someone of ill-wishers. The magic of black candles promises you healing from infirmities, the removal of the so-called "evil eye" and "spoilage."

A white candle will clear thoughts

Candles of white colour are suitable for rituals, which are aimed at purifying their thoughts from unnecessary and superfluous. They help to clarify the mind and find the right solution to the problem.

The biological energy therapeutist says that when we light a candle of a certain colour, we are harnessing the energy that we lack. Experts recommend light in your home candles at least a few times per month. It will be an excellent energy protection for you and your household. The flame of the candle will eliminate negative energy and energize you with vitality.


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