How to celebrate your own birthday at minimal cost?

Always had this thing about his own birthday. Until then, until one kind soul reminded me that you only live once. And it's true — how come I'm walkin', when in a hurry... Drivers are turning grey at the time and just remember the great encyclopedia of the mats. So for

Immediately the question arose: what is the Shisha? God friends are not offended, and 20 souls who do not know how to be shy to feed hard.

There are several options to solve the issue...

  • First — knowing that you are loved and will come for free to use it, you need months for the three to begin to collect and save money for the party. Unfortunately, it's not gonna work, because then God hurt me so — well, I am not able yourself to keep.
  • The second option is to borrow or take on the work of the advance. But in both cases, then there will be a month of austerity. I don't know how to save, and wages are often not enough (tough with me men have to).
  • The option of the parents — very handy. I addition to mom and dad a brother and two grandmothers — here's who you can borrow money. However, they know that it is heavy duty, and are in no hurry to give me. But it all depends on your ability to talk to people. If you promise something always happens.

Chicken with potatoes and salads-sandwiches

The money is there. The second question of the organization of the holiday: the location. The apartment celebration not to turn around (remember, in addition to parents brother and grandma). In one room 20 showers will not fit, even if you start at three, just water on the floor and piles of folded.

We in the city always gave up the apartment at night. Seems cheap, $ 20, and you can do whatever you want, and cook what you want, even if on the table vodka, seeds and cake — and no words to say. Everyone will be happy.

Well, if your guests exquisite and seeds is not a snack, I might show off the talent and show how delicious you cook. It's like someone, but I'm not flattered. Bought a ready-made product easy-to-prepare — salads and sandwiches, cooked a lot of potatoes, fried meat and ordered a pizza. Still, there will at first be something tastier, and then have all the same.

And by the way, the cake should always be. This is a constant attribute of the birthday, even if no one and will not try.

And there — to walk so to walk, guests can bring their favourite music for fun. Drinks and snacks that end, you can always bribe the kiosk.

Don't forget about entertainment

Finally, here are some useful tips:

  • Do not hire the top floors, high second, suddenly guests want extremely to spend the evening;
  • Warn about the change of clothes and swimwear — if the lake far away, water is always there at the tap;
  • Prepare a few fun and outdoor games, well I have guests to entertain, while they are still sober.

Well, good luck, don't drink too much!


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