Secrets to successful trading. How to communicate with the buyer?

"The era of rampant shortages of goods" is long past. The stores with the clothes, shoes, food, furniture, jewellery. However, some outlets thrive while others are forced to admit their unprofitable activities. Why is this happening?

The success of product sales are the laws of merchandising. And one of the leading — communication with the customer. Of course, we are not talking about banal greeting. Not so fundamentally, you will hear from the lips of the seller pretentious "Welcome!" or he will are limited to more restrained options: "Hello", "Hello". More importantly, how the employee market would react to the visitor.

Basic rules for trading are as follows: there are two important results — that the claimed in the hands of the buyer after shopping and would he come back again. By default, especially in recent years, appeared the third condition that characterizes competent work with the consumer: he must become a kind of "talking business card" places where I purchased this thing. Of course, with the plus sign.

Specialists proved that the most effective advertising — 'word of mouth'. The number of store visitors and, accordingly, they made purchases as a result of this "agitation" increased significantly. This explains the fact: to create "artificial" advertising on television, in Newspapers or on the Internet marketers are trying to replicate the "live chat".

Specialists proved that the most effective advertising — word of mouth

With some of them to work easier: you can always change the material without compromising the result. However, in many respects, and more difficult — no "reaction", if you compare the game of actors of theatre and cinema. You have to test.

But consultants in the sales directly — face to face — face with people, the reaction of which on the behaviour of the seller of the product depends on the material well-being of the company. And here too we have to work hard!

Is it difficult to understand the buyer? No... it is Enough just to look at. After all, if you formulate the desire of the client that crossed the threshold of the store, two words will suffice: "I am." And therefore the attitude of the seller must be based on this "slogan".

For the implementer will be better to constantly keep in mind: often he is faced with a few naughty children in the guise of a respectable adult man. Both sides much faster (and with a good financial result for the store) reach the desired if they comply with the rules of the game.

No need to impose

It is desirable to exclude:

  1. Patronizing tone.
  2. Crony attitude.
  3. Imposing their companies and services.


  1. Clear, accessible language.
  2. Conversation "on the merits".
  3. Knowledge of the parameters (properties) of the goods in full.

The latter will give the possibility to provide communication with the client information to the extent that you wish, including the "manufacturing secrets". It is highly advisable to mention the details of treatment, for example, with appliances, features, advantages of products of certain firms.

Speak on the merits, do not need too much

If in handling the buyer, the seller-consultant of a trade hall will justify the name of their profession and give the client to feel their own importance for the institution, you can be sure that the visitor will leave the store satisfied with the service, taking home the coveted thing. Most likely, he has not just come in the store and with a pure heart will recommend him to friends and acquaintances.


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