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A bright smile can create a great impression on the people you meet. There is a visual appeal in a good smile that immediately attracts everyone towards you. It gives an impression of youth Wholesale Ron Santo Jersey , friendliness, vitality, radiance, and warmth. And white teeth enhance and provide an edge to the beautiful smile, that everyone desires for.

That is why teeth bleaching has come as a dream come true for all those who wants to achieve and wear that flawless smile every time, everywhere.

But before opting for teeth whitening treatment Wholesale Jeff Keppinger Jersey , you must be aware of certain facts about your teeth.

Reasons for tooth discoloration

As time passes, one might feel that his teeth have started to lose its shine and appeal that it once had. So here is a compilation of several reasons that might be playing severely with the health of your teeth.

1. Nicotine and tar found in Tobacco can cause stubborn stains on the teeth, which are hard to address with normal cleaning and brushing.
2. Chromogens pigment present in coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages can cause teeth enamel i.e. discoloration of the outer layer of teeth.
3. Any severe trauma can also be the culprit of tooth darkening. If someone gets hit in the mouth, teeth may lay out the darker side of it.
4. Age can be another factor. As time passes Wholesale Luke Appling Jersey , the outer enamel gets softer, and inner yellowish dentin may start to show through.
5. Tooth discoloration is also a result of side effects of various medications and therapies. Like chemotherapy, antibiotics, neck, and head radiation, etc.

Types of teeth bleaching

With the increasing desire of owning a beautiful smile Wholesale Harold Baines Jersey , a plethora of teeth whitening treatment providers are available these days. And the most common techniques that they follow are,

-In-office tooth whitening

Though a little expensive, professional teeth whitening done in a dental clinic guarantees satisfactory results. Though they use strong products, they always make sure that your gums and rest of the mouth are safe. It can enhance the shade of one鈥檚 teeth way better in only about one hour or so.
And when done from a qualified dentist, the results can be astonishing. This teeth bleaching can last up to a year and a half depending upon how well you take care of your teeth.

-Over the counter whitening products

There are ample of commercially sold over the counter whitening products available in the market. These may include whitening toothpaste, mouth trays with gel Wholesale Nellie Fox Jersey , whitening gums, etc.

But it is best to first consult some experienced teeth whitening Durban center before using any of these. Especially people suffering from sensitivity should surely visit an expert before going for whitening.

Limitations of teeth whitening

It is important to consult a practicing dentist or dental implants durban clinics before going for whitening because whiteners may not work on all types of teeth. For example, teeth having brown and gray tones might not respond very well to teeth bleaching. Furthermore, whitening will not work in case of discoloration due to injury or medication. And it will be ineffective even in the case of veneers, caps, crowns Wholesale Alcides Escobar Jersey , and fillings.


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