How to Uninstall Avast Safezone Browser?

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Typically deployed by several Internet users across the globe, Avast safezone browser gets automatically installed on your computer system when installing Avast 2016 version products like Avast Antivirus and Avast Internet Security. If you prefer the features of Avast safezone compared to other available Internet browsers, it is recommended to continue with same.

However, in case, your inclination is more towards other popular web browsers, getting rid of Avast safezone is not that cumbersome too. You merely need to follow a few simple steps and you are done with eliminating the Avast browser. Let’s take a look at the steps that need to be followed for same.

Steps to Uninstalling Avast Safezone Browser :

  1. Open Avast user interface
  2. Navigate to Settings window then click “Settings”
  3. Click “Components”
  4. Go to “Security” then scroll down to view “Safezone Browser”
  5. Double click “Safezone Browser” and then click “Uninstall Component”.
  6. Restart your PC to allow changes to apply

Above method is simple and straightforward and allows perfect uninstallation of Avast browser. However, there is an alternative to this method too as described below :

  1. Go to “Control Panel”
  2. Click “Programs” and then “Programs and Features”
  3. Choose the option “Avast Internet Security” and click “Change”
  4. Once the “which components to install” screen appears, uncheck the box for “Safezone Browser” and click “Change”
  5. Restart your computer to apply changes.

Do Contact Avast Support if Experiencing Issues in Avast Safezone Browser Uninstallation :

You can deploy any of the two methods described above to uninstall Avast safezone browser from your system. However, at any point of time, if you encounter any issues with the uninstallation process, you can always contact Avast support team to get your issue resolved with high agility. The Avast team will ensure to fix your issue by giving you proper guidance for same.