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The article goes over what a certified divorce certificate constitutes

A Divorce Certificate provides substantive and conclusive proof of divorce. It is one of the certificates of vital registrations furnished by the state. It is proof that you have legally ended a marriage. If you are applying for immigration in the US, you might need the divorce certificate along with a certified translation for it, done according to the requirements of the USCIS.

The Necessity of Proper Translation

The Self-translation of a divorce certificate is not recognized by legal bodies and mainly not accepted as well. The fact remains - a poorly timed translation can lead to legal issues, financial loss, and embarrassments. Legal entities, visa, and citizenship authorities demand a certified translation for vital registrations. 

 What Is a Certified Translation?

A translation that is accurate and fully incorporates the details present on the original certificate is said to be certified. In translator’s lingo, Certified translations can be referred to as attributed translation as well. The validity of the accuracy claims is detailed in a certificate of accuracy that goes along with divorce certificate translation. The certificate of accuracy gives an account of who the translator is, along with the seal and signature of the translator. The industry standard translations for vital certificates Ata translation services are provided by translators who are the member of the (American Translators Association).It goes without saying; bad translations can result in the rejection of claims for citizenship and immigration. It can also act as an unwanted legal burden. As such when translating vital certificates, be on the lookout for translation services that adhere to the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) guidelines.

 The Information Incorporated During Divorce Certificate Translation

A divorce certificate (the original as well as translated one) should include information such as date of occurrence, place of occurrence, a statement stating the divorce, the names of both former spouses. A divorce decree is a distinct document that contains the former information along with information about the marriage license, titles to property, birth certificate, child custody, divorce settlement, and myriad other legal jargon. As such one can imagine the importance of legal translators when acquiring a certified divorce decree translation.

When Is Divorce Certificate Translation Required?

Showing proof of divorce without revealing the details

Getting a name change

Getting a travel visa

Getting a passport

Inheritance purposes

Getting married

Anywhere you need to show proof of divorce.

 How does Divorce Decree Translation Service help? 

Online translations with their repertoire of expert translators help you with a certified translation. All you have to do is upload your certificate. A free quote is provided and after you make the payment certified online Ata translations translator will get your divorce certificate translated. The translated document is pipelined to quality control experts (the second set of expert eyes), who proofreads and warrants the accuracy of the translation. After proofreading the translated certificate is directed back to you along with the necessary certificate of accuracy to go along with it. Online translation guarantees support for over a hundred global languages and also, this process is applicable in translating any other documents from one language to another.






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