How to Clean Outdoor Garbage Bins

Spray down the inside of the garbage Bin with the same all-purpose cleaner.



Outdoor trash Bin can get downright disgusting, and cleaning them isn’t the most fun activity. These easy step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to clean outdoor garbage cans and keep them clean all year roun

Cleaning Your Indoor Garbage Bin :

Start off by taking out the trash so that your garbage Bin is empty. After all, you cannot clean a full can!

Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the outside surface of the garbage Bin . (We recommend a homemade all-purpose cleaner consisting of 1 tablespoon of dish soap and plenty of warm water.)

Spray down the inside of the garbage Bin with the same all-purpose cleaner. Be sure that every inch of that interior surface is absolutely soaked. Focus on any areas with stuck-on garbage stains.

Next up: deodorize! Take about ½ cup of baking soda and sprinkle it into the inside of the garbage Bin. Make sure to coat the walls and bottom completely. Leave this mixture of deodorizing and grease tackling agents to do their work for around 5-10 minutes.

While the interior is soaking, take a dry, clean rag or cloth and wipe down the outside of the garbage Bin in an “S” pattern.

After you have let the interior soak, take a durable sponge and scrub the inside of the garbage Bin from top to bottom. This is also a good time to scrub the lid of your garbage Bin too. Pay extra close attention to stubborn bits of residue. Rinse your sponge as needed.

When everything has been scrubbed, it is time to rinse off the soap and baking soda – a garden hose is a good choice for this part.

Dry your garbage Bin thoroughly using an absorbent cloth. If you have a stainless steel Bin , pay extra attention to the outside to ensure a streak-free shine.

Bonus Tips:

Tip#1: Before you replace the bag, crumple up newspaper and throw it into the bottom of the Bin . This will help actively deodorize your garbage Bin on a daily basis and soak up any garbage juices that leak out.

Tip#2: We recommend cleaning out your garbage Bin at least twice per year – once in the spring and once in the fall.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Garbage Bin :

Right after garbage day is the best time to clean out your outdoor garbage Bin. You will get things started by making up a homemade deodorizing and degreasing solution of dish soap and vinegar in a spray bottle.

Using a 3 phase system, spray down your garbage Bin , inside and out.

Apply coat #1, let it soak in for 5 minutes and repeat the process 2 more times.

After the 15 minutes of soaking has passed, fill up a bucket with warm soapy water, grab your sponge or a heavy brush and get scrubbing.

Finally, hose it down and leave it out to dry. A clean Garbage Bin is very important to you and your family's health. If you want to know more about the Plastic Garbage Bin , please click on the link below