Vegetable Drying Machine Can Retain Food Nutrition

Is the food Freeze Dry Machine by food vacuum freeze dryer still nutritious?

Is the food Freeze Dry Machine by food vacuum freeze dryer still nutritious?
The food vacuum freeze dryer is mainly aimed at the food, so many friends will be worried that the use of this vacuum freeze dryer will not freeze the nutrition of the food, and friends who want to know the answer will quickly look at the following contents.
Freeze-dried foods generally come in two forms, one is without rehydration, and the most common are freeze-dried fruit slices, freeze-dried fresh milk or yogurt sugar, etc.  The other one needs rehydration. The common ones are freeze-dried mushroom powder, rice, porridge, vegetable bags, etc.
Compared with foods that do not need water, foods that need rehydration are more complicated to process.  In order to avoid freezing and puncture of tissues, some auxiliary materials are often added to protect cell tissues, such as salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.
Rehydrated freeze-dried food has the characteristics of light weight, quick rehydration and good color, flavor and taste.  Compared with traditional dry puffed food, freeze-dried food has better nutrition and physical properties.  Compared with canned food, freeze-dried food is easier to preserve, less prone to qualitative changes, and much cheaper in transportation, storage, etc.
Having said so much, wouldn't the use of food-type vacuum freeze-drying have frozen out the nutrition in the food?  The answer is no.  Different from the traditional high-temperature drying method, the principle of freeze-dried food is to remove water from the food at low temperature and low pressure, so that the nutritional components and active substances in the food are not damaged, the biological activity is maintained, and the function, color and flavor of the food are kept unchanged.
Traditional drying will cause material shrinkage and destroy cells.  In the freeze-drying process, since the solid components are supported by solid ice at their positions, the structure of the sample will not be damaged.  When ice sublimates, it leaves pores in the dry residue.  Thereby maintaining the biochemical structure and activity integrity of the product.
Compared with traditional drying methods and high-temperature drying equipment, the freeze-drying period of Vegetable Drying Machine is long and the cost is greatly reduced.  In short, freeze-dried food retains the nutrition and physiological active ingredients of food raw materials to the maximum extent, maintains the freshness of food, keeps the shape, color and taste of food unchanged, and greatly prolongs the shelf life.

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