Page Size Checker

Page Size Checker

Checking the web page size

An online tool will help you determine the weight of an HTML page. It affects performance: pages will load faster if they weigh no more than 3 MB. This is an approximate indicator you can use when evaluating the page size. Heavy pages take a long time to load, affecting the bounce rate and the attitude of search engines.

What does the page size depend on?

The page weight is affected by HTML code, style sheets, custom fonts with additional styles, and images - High-quality images weigh a lot, especially if the webmaster didn't apply compression. JavaScript elements also take up a lot of space - block animations, pop-ups, banner changes, and other functions. To reduce the weight, use compression and code minification.

How does the page size affect users?

Page size is related to loading speed, and it affects behavioral factors. If the site loads slowly or takes a long time to respond to user actions on the page itself, some users will not wait for loading and will leave the page, which means the bounce rate will increase.

How does page size affect your budget?

The size of files that must be transmitted to the browser may affect the hosting fee. Many providers have different bandwidth rates, and many site designers limit the project size at different rates.


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