Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density in a text is the percentage of usage of a keyword or phrase on a web page compared to the total content available on that web page. In SEO terminology, web admins calculate whether a web page is relevant to a particular topic.

What is keyword density?

From a purely mathematical point of view, keyword density is the ratio of the number of a particular term to the number of all words in the text. If the text on the site is optimized for a specific term, i.e., a keyword, this should tell Google and Bing what the text is about. This, in turn, should help place the site high in search engine results if someone is searching for the term.

What is the ideal keyword density?

Keyword density is just one of many factors that the Google and Bing algorithms use to determine a page's ranking in search results. The question of what is the ideal keyword density is debatable. However, a value of three to five percent is usually considered good. The higher the keyword density, the more the text or site is prone to spam, which, in turn, can have a negative effect. Keyword density can be inferred using our free Keyword Density tool.

Consider keyword density as an adjunct.

However, when writing content, readability, relevance, and quality should always be necessary, not mathematical factors such as keyword density. It should only be a tool for checking whether the text matches the intended keyword. If a copywriter writes a detailed text on a topic that includes all the essential aspects, the keyword density, including variations, should be sufficient.

In addition to the net keyword density, other factors and values also play a role.

  • Distribution of keywords within the document and on the site
  • Distance between keywords (proximity and anti-proximity)
  • Accumulation of keywords in particular areas
  • The presence of the keyword in SEO-relevant elements (for example, in the description, title, images, list items, and links).
  • Use of related keywords

For good SEO-relevant text, keyword density is becoming less important. The WDF/IDF value is now more important. In addition to the main keyword, it includes other terms in the text. If you compare your text's WDF/IDF values with those of your competitors, you will get an idea of what the text should be, and this ensures that your text also touches all aspects of the content.


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