Rsgoldfast - Each region has it's own minigame
Rsgoldfast - Each region has it's own minigame Jun 10

Rsgoldfast - Each region has it's own minigame

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Each region has it's own minigame, Lannar has an attack minigame in which you kill other players and the players drop tickets and nothing else, (even when they have other things ) the players respawn and after time is up the player with the most kills gets twice their tickets, and the only means to get mogre weapons is to trade tickets to get them, Lu'tog has a poisoning mini game where one individual poisons another and cannot attack until the player dies from poison, the participant drops just ticket no matter what they have, the player with the most kills gets twice there tickets, the tickets are the only way to acquire mogre toxin, and mogre poison + and mogre poison ++ to use weapons.

Narran is going to get an agility class that's just like the Brimhaven one except more difficult, the tickets that you get from it may be traded for a mogre lawsuit which raises your luck in agility, an ultra variant which does raises chance in agility better along with a ultimate version which does the best in upping your fortune in agility and Yun'lar is going to have a mini-game in which you kill eachother for tickets but the person who gets killed the least gets experience in defence and tickets for mogre armor.

Once you have finished Deep Sea Troubles you can speak to Gompar for a different one called Shipwreck. Gompar will inform you a ship has sunk as it crashed into the walls of Mogrin. He will want you to fix the wall. Proceed to Captain Murk and tell him to sail closer to the wall. He'll do so.

You can then dip. To repair the wall, you have to have a hammer, 23 Gomrock Bars (can be purchased in Mogrin in any region or mined out with 43 mining and smelted in an underwater vent, not a furnace, together with level 51 smithing) and level 37 construction. Fix the wall. Return up to Captain Murk and let him sail a little further away so you can dip. He'll do that. Proceed to the palace (can be entered through some region) and speak to Gompar.

Inform Gompar you fixed the wall. He'll thank you and supply you 16,000 gp. Tell him you believe the ship belonged to a captain that was sailing this way. He'll say he watched a few human beings swim to a nearby cave at a water cliff but it caved in due to a small earthquake.

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