Get a player council up, let players
Get a player council up, let players Mar 12

Get a player council up, let players

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As the Evolution of Combat update burns down on players of Runescape, one of the battle cries heard is "Adapt or die!". EoC supporters usually hear this cry since they believe that adjusting to changes is a positive thing.

People are thinkers and toolmakers. They are able to adapt their environment to suit their own requirements. When that environment includes other people we need to discuss it. Being a sheep means being able to adapt to the environment and allowing others to dictate what you are saying. You get slaughtered.

Focus and flexibility are two indicators of intelligence. Jagex has neither. It's been uncompromising in the way it has been ramming updates through and its focus on money, not people. Jagex's style of communication is the problem. The Runescape forums lie at the heart of the problem. Forums are where Jagex and players can talk and get Runescape going again.

Jagex might think that Runescape will be able to survive when it is able to adapt to the other MMOs. A modification of change or die. Jmods are limited in who and how they communicate with. It's not a matter for the duration of their time. They have the ability to speak to a small amount of people per day. The majority of Jmods only have a small number of players that they can talk to. These relationships will be forged over time and will be "Yes!" Groups to do what the Jmod recommends. Fmods (some disguised Jmods) remove any dissent from forums.

The system has to be changed, Jagex has to adapt its forums. Fmods must be eliminated. Fmods must become a salaried position for Jagex. Fmods will no longer refer to users as "you all" or other such terms. Certain Fmods are actively ruining forums.

Second, update forums to give players more voice, more choices. Forums should be able to allow users to be independent of one another and give them other tools. This can help create networks. The RS forums are as flexible as Facebook. This makes it easy to group. Jagex's secret forums are not the problem. They've distorted the forums into rigid areas.

Get a player council up, let players vote for 12 players who have power to decide updates from budget. A small amount, perhaps a few hundred k per year or less. Use Facebook as well as Twitter to interact with forums.

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