If you're looking for new features, the most
If you're looking for new features, the most Mar 02

If you're looking for new features, the most

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In contrast, the other versions of the game, which includes the one for PC are expected to feature an especially intriguing and attractive setting: the area of previous seasons is transformed into an enormous theme cruise and the Cancha del Mar, much smaller in terms of dimension and scope, nevertheless comes with a charm of its own. It not only does it have an original environment however, it also can provide an even more fun experience for the player.

Once again, MI NBA captures the essence of the passion for basketball, and also the NBA and extends it beyond the professional leagues so that , beyond the story is woven as we move forward in the sport, we will always be engaged in the tradition of basketball. We will be surrounded by brands and all kinds of events that encourage us to improvise games played on urban fields let shoes go or appreciate the content and events suggested.

In addition to the story itself, NBA 2K22 ties everything to a well-constructed advancement system that includes additional activities that can be enjoyed both online and offline, such as themed Fridays and usual periodic events. In constant motion, it invites us to play on what the city, or the Cancha del Mar can offer us, it also lets us unlock rewards and, as a result, to leave gaming currency on the character made for the occasion.

The second aspect of NBA 2K22 is once again another experience of the opposite kind: the MyTEAM franchise mode, the exciting staging of NBA collectible cards where you can build your very own Dream Team and, in the process, speculate with the best. Players from the past and today. In particular, this year is the first year that a new type of charts with holographic technology has been released.

The basic idea remains the same as previous years: create a starting team, build through luck and perseverance, the greatest group of players of all time and continuously play in predefined challenges offline modes, and all sorts of variety in online gaming. We reward each small step and transforming our accomplishments into rewards and encouraging us to try a new game and earn extremely sweet rewards.

If you're looking for new features, the most attractive feature is myTEAM Draft it is almost identical to FIFA's FUT Draft and is just as interesting: these are competitions for qualifying with astounding prizes. Every time we launch a new Draft we'll be able to choose from seven fantastic card packs and, based on what's in each from them, we can pick which 13 cards we enjoy or interest the most to assemble the definitive team.
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