I am enjoying playing Runescape
I am enjoying playing Runescape Feb 22

I am enjoying playing Runescape

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The first day I'll be praying and small quests. I'm planning to use big bones as they're not too expensive , and have relatively speedy xp. If anyone has a better option, I would love to know. I'll be using them for an altar of guilds I'm hoping to enter on a house world. After doing some research and calculating my stats, they are likely appear to...

Sorry for creating a whole new thread, but it was giving me an error each time I tried to write in the previous one! To begin, I was asked in the previous thread about how I obtained it. I made a new account, and while logging into the account, I saw a pop that appeared. At first , when I clicked on it, the entire application would stop working, but when I tried it again the following day, it worked right away and gave me the option to use it.

I've now decided that I am enjoying playing Runescape and would prefer not to go back to f2p, therefore I'm purchasing a membership, and this is the time I'll need a bit of help. I've decided that I'd like to be a ranger and perhaps include something else in the future. Please answer all questions you might have!

It's a mess, as my old account with all the money was opened after the 25k limit on trades was put in place. So , what's the best way to earn lots of money? (preferably members who are willing to try something new) I'm hoping to get this skill up to 99 and earning as much money as I can from it prior to beginning to train. (please make a list of the top three If possible)

What's the most pure and pure pk'ing? I'm sure range/2h'ers will be unbeatable in f2p, but what do you do with the p2p option? This would be an account that is completely everything it requires, with no money limitations at all.

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