If you press soon or too late
If you press soon or too late Feb 19

If you press soon or too late

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If the shot is severely tired or disturbed, the space will be cut in order to ensure that players take note of each shot. The new system will prevent shooting from becoming the identical. Players have to put in the effort to identify gaps and to grasp precise timing for shots. have a better hit rate as opposed to players who forcefully shoot in a flanking shot which tests the player's basketball wisdom!

The latest generation of "NBA 2K22" The timing button is added to an Alley-Oop aerial relay and the bottleneck attempt. When a player is passing over the air relay ball mid-air the player has to push and release the button for shooting (X) at a certain duration to complete an air shot.

If you press soon or too late, they'll be fried or unable to receive the pass. In this episode, new elements are also introduced throughout the episode. In addition to pressing the shot button for the normal shot, press and hold the accelerator and pull down the expert rocker (R lever) for more satisfying and impressive dunks.

In the bottle). As long as the participant is able to fit into the bottle , and has the space for running, Aggressive Dunks can effectively make the player try to enter the bottle. However, this type of game isn't easy to achieve the perfect timing when pressing the button at the wrong time or late can cause the bottle to smolder however, if you do get it right, you'll smile when you are able to make choices with your friends!

The factory noted that this particular episode of the game focuses on the defensive link. It completely rebuilds the shooting interference and blocking attack system, and also introduces brand new blocking methods including exciting smash blocking waves.

As long as the shooter interfers with or doubles the shooter's opponent at the proper time, it can greatly alter the shot of the opponent and may even make it difficult for players to shoot AirBall. In the same way, if a player is defensively in the wrong position or lacks support ahead of the shooter by letting the opponent have a wild shooting opportunity, it will make the opponent very easy to score.

It is worth mentioning that AI for defense is also one of the main areas of focus for next-generation artificial intelligence. The new ball-holding defensive position system allows players to achieve a more consistent understanding of their position, and improves the ability to change defenses/assist defenses and doesn't randomly leave the frame. Players are focused on defending potentially dangerous areas.
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