Bring 1k broads. You'll be using 500-700.
Bring 1k broads. You'll be using 500-700. Feb 15

Bring 1k broads. You'll be using 500-700.

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In a training-related melee situation where defense is irrelevant just the attack and prayer is taken into account. In PC it is important to pray as is the attack. Prayer bonus doesn't impact DPSs as much as it affects the consumption of the prayer pot when doing an activity that is prayer-based outside of the computer. Thus, it's 10 attack vs 4 str. Which one is superior? I believe, in the right context, str amy can be more effective than a glory. PC is the example ive used through out.

The Fury appears to be the best of both worlds since it maintains the same attack, but halves the str gap which makes it more useful in any situation. In addition to the extra prayer and the 15 defense to everything, there's no reason to wonder why it is in the millions.

We don't all have that money, and furys are so unstable that I am not at all comfortable holding one (even as i am in the moment) and i'd like to hear the opinions of you... Do you guys think? Is the only thing that shines is the str ammy? Do you know of other circumstances other than pc where the str ammy could shine?

Personally, I cut for around one hour each day and I was able to get from 80 to 99 in around three months. You'll be playing an awful lot though, so you'll be cutting between 26-35 days. Sorry, but I don't disagree with this in any way even though I'm just 91 years old. woodcutting. However, I tried to time myself for 1 hour , without falling off and ended up getting about 77k .... according to your table . I could be able to have gotten 93k. .... I'm sure this was done with an dragon hatchet...

These are averages. The lowest I receive, and always do not, is 60k an hour. Then, other hours I've had 103k exp an hour. Ivies average 75k Exp/hr. 80k is a bit high. 3-4 weeks is the best estimate at your speed. If you're bored, you could always try Stealing Creation for Hatchets which provides double exp. Regarding the question of firemaking, The average logs burned per hour is 1000. Therefore, it should take less than 100 hours.

I just got my fire cape this morning and will give you a few tips. Starting with equipment and inv 100 diamond (e) bolts for Jad. 1 ranging potion, only apply 2 doses prior jad or all 4 at jad. 10 brews. 15 super restores. 1 . Enchanted Excalibur.

Bring 1k broads. You'll be using 500-700. Switch the helm to either the neitiznot or the veracs. Legs switch to prossy or verac. Boots to either rune , or dragon. In terms of strategy goes, trapping the 180's with the 360's or 45's is one of the top priorities.

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