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Thus, the method by which the points are divided will depend on the player's own approach to play (for example when you intend to target the ball or shooter, the player that is in the basket or the basket, etc. ) Most often, it involves repeated attempts to identify the target in your head. So, when you've created characters, the most important part is the "test design". See if your gameplay of your character is the same as your own imagination.

If you're planning to build the same player as LeBron James, simply set it according to the values ? in the picture. Use VC Coin to increase ability value. Although the total abilities of a person can be raised to the highest limits of "99" when creating an account, upon joining the game, the initial level that the person has is around 60 points, and the upper limit is set to only 85 points.

With this type of value and unless you're the masters who have rolled the dice for years, it is really not enough to compete with NBA players who average 75 points. If you want to increase the value of a player's skills, the player must utilize the special currency called VC Coin. VC Coin can be obtained by completing various tasks in the city or participating in professional contests.

However, if you wish to achieve your goal swiftly, the only method is to buy VC Coin with real money by using online services. Be aware that once VC Coin is used, it is not refundable. In other words, if a user develops a new character and desires to enhance the quality of his character, he will have to make or purchase more VC Coin again through the previous methods.

If you want to quickly enhance your players' skills it is possible to purchase more VC Coins from the "class money". Gain experience to boost the upper limit of ability. In the above paragraph, when the player is able to set the upper limit of their player's character at "99" when creating an account, that maximum of the character will be reduced to 85 points once the game has begun.

In the present, players have to earn "My Point" points for experience by completing tasks that include professional basketball games, street basketball games and so on. This will allow them to increases the character limit. To put it simply even if the most VC Coin and you have upgraded all the capabilities of your character to the highest levels at the start of playing, you still require "My Point" and experience through consistent play to help train your character to become a top NBA star. .If you want to know more information about NBA 2K22 MT , please lock on visit nba2king com
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