RuneScape - The other option is fishing for salmon
RuneScape - The other option is fishing for salmon Feb 12

RuneScape - The other option is fishing for salmon

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It's hard to imagine how, if that was the scenario, my friend wouldn't have received that type of money. Have you thought about whether the possibility that your friend had lied? LOOL this is so true. Do you think this friend might have mentioned what combat level she was when she made all this money? This is a standard response to any of the three.

I'm aware of the majority: Agility- Do this Barbarian course until you reach level 52, then do the course in wilderness. Food should be ~three levels of agility boosting pies, along with tuna. You should only bring a spottier/spotted cape. The other option is fishing for salmon, flying trout, and sturgeon.

Thieving- I think that the Thieve's guild is the best however, I don't own 70 thieving either, so I'm not certain. Slayer- Do Smoking Kills quest if you're not already. Utilize either the highest or second most advanced Slayer master be, but always choose the best each time you complete five tasks to earn slayer points.

Farming- Do you run a farm at least once every hour However, you should try to get at least one day, even if can only do it for 15 minutes. Herbs are good money however, some are more for exp and not required if would like to be more thrifty.

Woodcutting: Try using a dragon axe as soon as you are able. Cut teaks at the Tai Bwo Bwanna hardtree grove and then burn them. It is possible to switch to mahogony anytime you want. A faster exp rate is available when you reach level 68. That's because the maxed amount of exp per hour at the Hardgrove when using an wc level 99 and a dragon axe is 40k WC exp, but also 60k fm , while in the same situation, ivies could reach 100k.

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