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Let's begin with the wilderness boundaries. Prior to 2007 there was no safe zone. This is the most important element of the current wilderness design. It has safe zones. They could be considered to be indefinite, however they can disrupt the current battles. This is done to promote safe zones and focus on fighting within them.

This makes it impossible to protect what was a lawless zone. Another problem is the current events which are happening within the wilderness. What is their choice and what effect will this have on the wilderness?

Personally, I'm willing to move all minigames (Clan Wars and FOG, sealing off Deamonhiem) in various places. However, the 3 quests are where things become difficult. Now the Summer quest line as well as Defender of Varrock both contain large chunks of wilderness, if we assume that the quests will remain, I think that the best choice is instancing the entire quest. What do I mean by that? When you reach the point of beginning your quest or go into the wilds as part of the defender of varrack story you are completely on your own with there is no interaction with other players. While this would slightly change the quest it wouldn't effect it too much.

Green Dragons and armoured Zombies, Chaos Ele, and other similar things must be the same. However, I think the best training spot is a bit dangerous. While the Corporeal Beast is interesting, I think it would be fun to let barrage runners travel into the cave. But the boss mechanic for the Corporeal beast in RS is unique. Because of its high-risk nature you will need to bank a few times. The entrance can be moved nearer towards the edge of the wildy which is what it currently is at the level 20.

The task of summoning is difficult. I prefer to have specific game rules. Although lending can be avoided by preventing weapons from being able to be loaned in the wild, summoning combat levels require a change. It is a good idea to have the ability to drop all at once, as with other items in RS. The restriction on pouches is strange in the world of pvp. There is no solution to this problem. Perhaps the best solution is to leave it as "pouchin create, fight goes down"

Last but not least, you can't have pvp wilderness areas. Never. The thrill of the wilderness allowed one thing that pvp and bh worlds are missing and was the most effective game I have seen in any other game.
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