What are the weaknesses of monsters
What are the weaknesses of monsters Jan 21

What are the weaknesses of monsters

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Rune is one of the top nonmem non deg armour. The second best is Granite Body, legs, helm and sheild. That's mem. need 50 str and 50 def for weild. It's also among the heavy armors out there possibly the heaviest. Thus, it drains power in an insane way. Additionally, it looks lame, the whole set is less than 500k and is used mainly by bots, according to what I've been told.

Then there's the combat torso as well as other equipment you can find through mini-games. Then there's Dragon armour, which needs 60 def. However, if u cant afford chain bod or plate bod, which costs 4.5M-5.5M 9m-10m respectively, u can use rune body that has drag legs and a medium helm. Do not use granite body and dragon legs. That's the look of bots. I have Zammy platebody and Dragon Platelegs.. Wow. A majority of the more powerful gear are deg. Barrows equipment lasts for 10+ hours of combat before repairs.

I've come to you Sal's office for advice regarding Dungeoneering. It's me that needs help this time. I've often wondered how to determine the right threshold to pray for monsters. So, what is the appropriate level for each kind of monster should I make an offensive and protection prayer? In terms of type, I'm talking about warriors, shades magers, rangers bats, skeletons, zombies rodents, demons pickaxesor brutes.

If a monster is at or near level 2 then you shouldn't pray for it. And for the vast majority of rangers who are above tier 7 , you need to pray. for mages probably, melee warriors hit obscenely after they get katagon so sure, pickaxes can hit like hell . So yes that's a fact. But brutes... aren't that great.

This isn't directly tied to Dungeoneering, but it relates to it in a way. Is 1.2M enough to take me from 55 RC up to 70 RC, or do I need more? Making nature runes is an opportunity to make a profit(iirc) So, yes this is enough. When I am using an SSH Do I take off the hood each time I go into a danger zone? It's not necessary to take it off since it is still a shield against the safe monsters with hoods, always pile the mage.

What are the weaknesses of monsters in combat? Please be as detailed as you can. Deadly zombies - crush, skeletons that slash, melee-fighters wearing a plate - crush, melee warriors sporting chains blade, rangers/magers slash.

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