Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy
Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy Jan 10

Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy

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The NBA scouts will be keeping an even closer look at Evan Mobley when the March Madness tournament gets under way. It is not a matter of if Evan Mobley is going to be drafted, it's just a matter of how ancient will he be drafted. In any event, we could expect to see Evan Mobley on a team in NBA 2K22 later this season.

NBA 2K22 returns to the hardwood on PC in 2021

NBA 2K22 is gearing up to bring the long standing basketball name into a new age this season on next gen consoles, but they can't stop delivering on PC. Right now, details about NBA 2K22 are rare, but we need to know more in the next few months once the match is officially declared.

In all probability, we'll get our first look at NBA 2K22 when the reveal trailer drops. It is quite possible we view the reveal trailer by the time E3 2021 wraps up. It seems probable 2K Sports will have a presence in the event this season. Either way, we should get a sneak peak at NBA 2K22 within the next month.

For now, there isn't a set release date for NBA 2K22 on PC, but we can make a pretty good guess by utilizing some context clues. NBA 2K22 was released on current gen before it hit on next gen, but we'll likely see NBA 2K22 dropped on all platforms at the exact same moment. According to previous released dates for NBA 2K, it's likely we'll see NBA 2K22 on PC at the first two weeks of September. We can expect the game to hit the shelves sometime from September 3, 2021 to September 10, 2021.
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