Briefly Introduce The Structure of Q and YQ Series Submersible Pumps
Briefly Introduce The Structure of Q and YQ Series Submersible Pumps Jan 04

Briefly Introduce The Structure of Q and YQ Series Submersible Pumps

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The invention of water pumps will undoubtedly bring good news to people in solving water problems such as industrial and building drainage, water supply, and farm irrigation. The introduction of submersible pumps, submersible sewage pumps, and integrated intelligent prefabricated pumping stations has greatly improved the water treatment problem. The effectiveness of Q and YQ series submersible electric pumps are briefly explained below.
Q (QKSG) series of mining submersible electric pumps (single-suction and double-suction self-balancing structure) are composed of water-filled submersible motors and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, which are installed in a suction hood to work in the water.
Mine production drainage, emergency rescue accident drainage, and recovery drainage are technically upgraded and effectively improved based on the actual situation of domestic mines on the basis of introduction so that the mine submersible electric pump can fully meet the vertical, horizontal, and inclined use. It has the following outstanding features: conveying high-concentration or highly corrosive mine water; it has the characteristics of shaft anti-locking and allows short-term dry rotation; it is aimed at the full-lift start and operation of the emergency drainage submersible electric pump. It not only ensures the high efficiency and energy saving of the imported technology but also fully adapts to the actual working conditions of domestic mines.
The YQ (QKSG) submersible electric pump has two suction ports, and the two sets of impellers are arranged oppositely back to back. In fact, two multi-stage pumps are connected in parallel, each with its suction port (one in the upper part and one in the lower part). Since the two sets of impellers are equal in number and opposite in direction, the water thrust produced by them is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Theoretically speaking, the total axial water thrust is zero.
The YQ/D (QKSG/D) type mining submersible pump has only one suction port, and the two sets of impellers are also distributed back to back. When the total number of impeller stages required for the pump head is an even number, the number of impellers in each group is equal, the direction is opposite, and the axial water thrust is also zero. When the pump head requires an odd number of impeller stages, the lower pump impeller has one more stage. At this time, the last stage impeller of the lower pump is designed as a balanced impeller with a balance hole. The water thrust generated by the balance impeller is basically eliminated. Therefore, the two sets of impellers that produce axial water thrust are still equal in number and opposite in direction, and the total axial force is basically zero. Zero axial force, light thrust bearing load, long life, and reliable operation are the important technical features of this series of submersible electric pumps.
YQ (QKSG) series submersible motors are water-filled three-phase asynchronous motors. When the power is ≥600kW, a small pump wheel is installed at the lower end of the rotor. With a spiral water tank, the water filling cycle is also used to facilitate the heat dissipation of the motor.
Compared with traditional centrifugal pumps and deep good pumps, submersible electric pumps have the advantages of convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, stable performance, low vibration and noise, and high efficiency. The ventilation and heat dissipation conditions of the pump room are improved, which is environmentally friendly, has low operating costs, can be automatically controlled, and has unique advantages for places with large water level drops and flood threats. Since the inner cavity of the motor is filled with clean water when working, it will not produce electric sparks to detonate the gas under any circumstances. It is general safety equipment for mines. Provide a new type of water drainage and intake equipment for coal, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, tap water, and groundwater development departments.
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